How To Rent A Car If You Urgently Need Wheels

I want to steer, but there is no car? There are several options for renting a car.

There are a lot of people willing to give a ride for a lot of money: know choose! There are a lot of people willing to give a ride for a lot of money: know choose!

It so happens that the car is stuck in the repair for a long time. Or you haven’t bought a new one yet, and you managed to quickly sell the old one. In short, urgently need wheels. Where to go to Car Rental Dubai?

Rolling Office

People who went on vacation abroad have long appreciated: he took the car – and the owner himself. We also work as famous Car Rental Dubai Hertz, Avis, Six, and local. You can take a car for rent or even a couple of months. More term – less tariff. On average, from about one thousand rubles for a budget “Renault” or “Daewoo”, 1.5 – 2 thousand – for ” Hyundai ” or “Ford”, well, “Mercedes” or even ” You can hire vans, minibuses, trucks, thermo-boxes.

Pros: you choose a car model yourself, wherever you want to go.

Cons: for the car will have to go to the office of the rental office, in the same place and return, gasoline – at your expense.

Per-minute Car Rental Dubai

The word “car sharing” has already entered not only in everyday life, but also in fashion. And not only in the capital, he is in St. Petersburg and Sochi. This is a per-minute car rental, it deals with Deli Mobil, You Drive, Anytime and others. This option is much more convenient, because you will settle all the formalities once – when registering with the service and do it yourself on the Internet. Then learn the rules – how to refill a car if necessary, how to report a malfunction when receiving a car, how long you can get there and where you can leave the car.

After that, everything is simple: using the mobile application, find the car closest to you, book it, open it, inspect it and start using it without any contact with people, all via mobile. And leave the car after the trip where you are comfortable. That is, pay only for the time you use this car, gasoline is included in the price. In this case, during the movement – more, during the waiting time – less, charging – per minute. Now they offer prestigious cars, they allow you to choose a trip with insurance, only these options will be more expensive than the standard 8 rubles per minute.


If your trip lasts more than four hours, do not forget to stop, preferably every 2-3 hours. If you ask the drivers when to stop for a rest, they usually answer: “when the yawn began”. Yawning is a lack of oxygen, a decrease in metabolism, a state where a person is already entering the stage of sleep. Remember: the very first signs of fatigue: the seat became uncomfortable, there is a desire to change the position. This means you need to stop, warm up, and sleep.

On long journeys, the route must be planned in such a way that every four hours of the journey there will be an opportunity to stop and rest. The word “draw” often ends in trouble.

If there is no hotel, do not stay on the sidelines. It is necessary to find a more or less crowded place: the GDBD post, the lighted gas station. If you are traveling along a back road, you must stop before entering the nearest village, so that you can see it, and you will not be noticed.

Remember, sleep is the only effective way to fight fatigue. Energy, lemons, coffee give come to life for a few minutes. After using them, the process of falling asleep will be two times faster than usual. Lemons, seeds are elements of switching attention, but not relieving fatigue.

Keep in mind that spending the night in a car with the engine running is one of the very dangerous moments, because you can suffocate with carbon monoxide gas. People die of exhaust gases without feeling it, they just fall asleep. For children, the risk is even higher.

Especially dangerous for CO2 accumulation stop in the valley.


If you are traveling by bus, first of all, be sure to choose the official carrier, and not the private owner.

Look under the bus: if it is dripping (any leak is a bad sign to Solve go to this site). A worn rubber should also guard you: worn out, with torn tufts.

If the duration of the flight is more than 4 hours, ask yourself if there is a tachygraphy in the bus. It is located on top or side of the driver and looks like a radio, but with fewer buttons. Two cards must be inserted into it (for each of the two drivers). The device controls the compliance of drivers with the regime of work and rest. In Russia, only 10 models of these devices are allowed to be installed, and it is better, of course, that it was a VDO. At least, if their tachygraphy does not break, it is not worth just “for a tick”.

See if there are seat belts in the cabin. They must be in buses that go on flights lasting more than 4 hours.

If you are traveling with children up to 8 years old, choose a bus with seat belts or an isofix system that allows you to attach child seats. Agree in advance the question of installing a child seat.

Do not take children in your arms while the bus is moving. No matter how strong your arms are, they can only cause harm. Remember that during sudden braking a person involuntarily squeezes the child, often this leads to the fact that the ribs of the baby go to the lungs.

Objectives For The Valuation Of The Property

In order to receive a loan, an enterprise voluntarily agrees with the terms of the mandatory valuation of the property, both for the collateral of the loan and for the maximum amount of credit that the business entity can count on.

The criterion for attributing the costs of the assessment to the deductions of the relevant tax period is the efficiency of its implementation, both in a voluntary and compulsory form, since the evaluation results in an inflow of economic benefits. Therefore, conducting a voluntary or mandatory appraisal of property does not mean the allocation of expenses in a voluntary appraisal only for financial purposes, but in the case of a compulsory appraisal – as deductions.

In case of voluntary evaluation, there is no direct obligatory dependence of its conduct on the other side (external factor), the company independently decides on the purpose and necessity of evaluation, which may later affect external factors (property buyers, tenants, etc.) to obtain income as an inflow of economic benefits.

The company may pursue the following objectives for the valuation of the property:

Determination of the market and liquidation value of the property in the current conditions for the sale and purchase;

Planning accounting for financial purposes, based on the estimated (revalued) value;

Determination of the value of the rent when renting the property, depending on its estimated market value;

Determination of market collateral valuation (value) in case of receiving the loan amount;

Conducting an independent assessment of the market value of the property for its recognition by foreign investors in accordance with the requirements of their investment projects when buying property (real estate) or investing funds in an enterprise, as a share, etc.

When evaluating a property by an appraisal company, the purpose of the appraisal is indicated. However, in practice, for various reasons, an enterprise may not always use the results of an appraisal or derive economic benefits from an appraisal in the tax period for its conduct.

At the same time, the results of this assessment may be necessary and applied in the tax period of its conduct for purposes other than originally indicated, without the need for a different (repeated) assessment.

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Thus, an enterprise has the right to use the results of the initial assessment at the time of its holding in the relevant tax period, and its results can be used for another purpose (other purposes) in a given tax period or go beyond the framework of this tax period.

Expenses related to property valuation in the part in which it was used for purposes other than the original, are deductible for the corresponding tax period. The use of the results of the initial assessment for purposes other than those specified in the initial assessment should be provided with specific goals and conditions of business activities, the economic advantage of using its results.

Consequently, if the valuation results are not used in the tax period in full, the expenses related to the valued assets that are not secured by the inflow of the economic benefit of the tax are charged to the expenses of future tax periods in proportion to the established base of their distribution: the market part of the property value, assessed, not participating in the inflow of economic benefits.

Example 1:

The appraisal company made an assessment of the property of the enterprise to provide collateral in obtaining a loan. The loan was issued to the enterprise under the provision of the estimated collateral in the tax period following the valuation period. Expenses on property valuation made in the tax year are charged to 251 “Expenses of future (future) periods (period)” and will be deductible in the tax period in which the company can receive a loan using the result of property valuation on bail.


The provision of the commented article establishes a requirement for the mandatory monetary valuation of property and liabilities by an organization. Under the assessment refers to the determination of the value of property values. The purpose of this assessment is their reflection in the accounting and financial statements in monetary terms.

In addition, in the commented paragraph defines the methods of property valuation.

Assessment of the property of an organization can be carried out as follows:

Property acquired by an organization for a fee is estimated by summing the actual expenses incurred for its purchase;

The property received by the organization free of charge is valued at the market value on the date of posting;

Property produced in the organization itself is valued at the cost of its manufacture.

According to paragraph. 8 of the Regulations on accounting when approving accounting policies, organizations are approved including the methods for evaluating certain types of property and liabilities. The specified regulatory act specifies the methods of property valuation in monetary terms for reflection in the accounting records and financial statements. Paragraph 23 of the accounting regulation states that the costs actually incurred include, inter alia, the cost of acquiring the property itself, interest paid on the commercial loan provided for the acquisition, markups (premiums), commissions (cost of services) paid procurement, foreign trade and other organizations, customs duties and other payments, the costs of transportation, storage and delivery, carried out by third parties.

The formation of the current market value is made on the basis of the price valid on the date of the posting of the property received free of charge for this or a similar type of property. Data on the current price must be documented or by expert.

Under the cost of manufacture are actually incurred costs associated with the use in the process of manufacturing the property of fixed assets, raw materials, materials, fuel, energy, labor and other costs for the manufacture of the property.

Thus, the commented provision of the Law provides for three ways to evaluate property, while indicating the possibility of using other methods (including by means of reservation) in cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

You can read more:

The procedure for assessing certain types of property is regulated in separate regulatory acts.

The rules for the formation in the accounting of information about the organization’s fixed assets (including their valuation) are set out in PBU 6/01.

The rules for the formation in accounting and financial statements of information on intangible assets of organizations that are legal entities under the laws of the Russian Federation are set out in PBU 14/2007.

The rules for evaluating financial investments, as well as the procedure for generating information on financial investments of an organization in accounting and financial statements, are fixed in PBU 19/02.

PBU 5/01 establishes the requirements and rules for the formation in the accounting information about the inventories of the organization. Section 2 “Assessment of inventories” PBU 5/01 provides for the regulation of the procedure for evaluating and reflecting in inventories accounting records.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that there is a specific property valuation for accounting purposes with respect to organizations engaged in certain professional activities. For example, such features of valuation (revaluation) of assets and liabilities are provided for in the annex to the Regulations on the Rules of Accounting in Credit Institutions located in the territory of the Russian Federation.

In accordance with the requirements of the commented clause of the Federal Law “On Accounting”, depreciation of fixed assets and intangible assets is not affected by the results of the organization’s economic activities in the reporting period.

For example, the procedure for depreciation of items related to fixed assets is provided for in Accounting Regulation 6/01. According to clause 17 of PBU 6/01, the value of fixed assets is redeemed through depreciation (unless otherwise specified in PBU 6/01). The depreciation of fixed assets is calculated in one of the following ways:

Assessment Of Land Plots

However, it is “unprofitable” to pay the state fee based on the market value of the object. The size of the state duty is large.

It is much more convenient to pay the state fee on the basis of the inventory value of the real estate object (apartment, house, room, etc.).

The inventory value refers to the replacement value of the object, taking into account depreciation and price growth for construction products, works and services (clause 3 of the Instruction of the RF Ministry of Taxes and Duties of 02.11.1999 No. 54 “On the application of the Law of the Russian Federation “On Personal Property Taxes”).

From January 1, 2013 in the state real estate cadaster there is no information about the inventory value of real estate objects.

However, information on the inventory value can be obtained from organizations carrying out technical inventory.

In each region and city they can be their own.

For example, in Yekaterinburg, most of the objects have been inventoried by EMUP “Bureau of Technical Inventory”, which currently issues certificates of registration of the object and its inventory value. For details, see the EMUP BTI website at this link.

Assessment of land plots when filing a claim on the division of property of spouses (except land)

Once again I will quote paragraph 9 of Part 1 of Art. 91 Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation: for claims on the right of ownership of an immovable property owned by a citizen on the right of ownership, the price of a claim is determined based on the value of the object, but not lower than its inventory estimate or, in the absence thereof, not lower than the estimate of the value of the object under the insurance contract, on the object real estate owned by the organization – not lower than the balance sheet valuation of the object.

You can pay a state fee based on the market value of the land. But there is a better way.

In accordance with Part 2 of Art. 66 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation, in order to establish the cadastral value of land plots, a state cadastral valuation of land is carried out, except for the cases specified in clause 3 of this article. State cadastral valuation of land is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on valuation activities.

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Usually the cadastral value is less than the market value, although not always (see part 3 of article 66 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation). Therefore, when filing a claim on the division of property, it is possible to estimate the value of the land plot on the basis of the cadastral value of the land plot.

Assessment of the car and other movable property when filing a claim on the division of property of spouses

In relation to a car and other movable property (furniture, household appliances, cash on accounts and deposits in banks, etc.) when submitting a claim, the market value of the car and other movable property must be taken into account.

There are two options.

In the first case, a preliminary approximate assessment of the value of the property by the plaintiff is made, which is indicated in the statement of claim. The plaintiff approximately estimates how much a car can cost, etc., taking into account the prices of a new object, taking into account wear and tear, obsolescence, etc. In the second case, the appraisal will assess the property Plus, the appraiser estimates the property that the court, when dividing the property, will accept the evaluation report as evidence. It is most likely that (unless the defendant proves otherwise) the value of the property will be set at the rate indicated in the evaluation report. The disadvantage is that the services of an appraiser are payable, and with a large number of objects of appraisal, the cost of services of an appraiser can be significant.


section of independent evaluation

Pledging or making a mortgage without applying to the Valuation Company and professional the help of the appraiser is indispensable.

Property valuation is a procedure for determining the value of an object in accordance with the goal and tasks. This is a fairly broad concept, including the evaluation of land plots, buildings, structures, infrastructure elements, communications, vehicles, aircraft and ships, machinery, equipment, securities, property complexes and business (for a full list of services, in the section of independent evaluation ).

Property valuation is conducted in cases established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as at the request of one of the parties to the agreement or by agreement of both parties. Objectives of valuation of property and types of value are different: The evaluation report is required when making transactions, when transferring to a pledge or for rent, when drawing up an insurance contract, for making property in the authorized capital of organizations. Also, you cannot do without applying to the appraisal company, if necessary, to resolve property disputes, with reorganization, bankruptcy or privatization.

The cost is determined taking into account all the features and parameters inherent in the objects of valuation. Traditional division of property is carried out by types:

Real estate – land, buildings, structures, fences, paving, engineering networks;

Movable objects – vehicles, aircraft, railway transport, floating equipment, equipment;

Business shares in it and securities.

Property valuation is carried out both compulsorily and on a voluntary basis, taking into account a number of federal and international standards, as well as in strict compliance with the requirements of the Law “On Appraisal Activities in the Russian Federation”. For some types of objects, special rules are established, so the appraisers use them in addition to the general provisions of the law. Individuals, companies, government agencies, banks and investors often need information on the value of physical objects. Russian citizens most often resort to the services of an appraiser in the following situations:

Read more deail:

When drawing up various transactions related to land, buildings and structures, with movable property and vehicles;

  • When drawing up an insurance contract and for calculating the amount of compensation;
  • When transferring property as collateral or when making a mortgage loan;
  • At the damage caused to property – at plunder, fire, flooding;
  • For payment of state duty upon inheritance;
  • When drawing up a gift agreement;
  • When seizing property of individuals for state needs;
  • When deciding in court.
  • Legal entities order evaluation reports:
  • For revaluation of fixed assets;

When entering property in the authorized capital;

  • If necessary, in attracting investments and in the process of drawing up a business plan;
  • To attract an investor or to study the prospects for investment in a particular facility;
  • When lending and transferring property as collateral;
  • When preparing an enterprise for restructuring, selling or bankruptcy proceedings;
  • If necessary, payment of the value of a share to one of the participants in a limited liability company;
  • In cases of payment of securities by property;
  • At purchase and sale, registration of rent;
  • For tax accounting purposes and for determining the tax base;
  • When solving issues related to property, in courts.

Costly :

an analysis is made of the necessary costs for the creation of a similar property or its restoration;

Comparative :

in the calculations similar to the property being valued and the supply prices on the market of similar objects are used;

Profitable :

the analysis of possible incomes from possession or disposal of property in the future is carried out, profit and expenses at operation, and also an opportunity of resale of object are considered.

Please note that the evaluator must specify in the Evaluation Report the reasoning behind the selection, and in case of impossibility of application, a reasoned refusal to use one or more methods.

Applying to the appraisal company, you will need to clearly state the purpose and the task of assessing the property, clarify all the characteristics of the object and provide legal documents and technical documents for it. During the negotiations, the appraiser will be able to voice the cost of the services and the timing of the work, an agreement for the evaluation will be concluded with you. Your further actions are as follows:

Property Valuation

The report, prepared by our appraisers, will be valid for six months, and you can wear it in any official organization.

Most often, the need for property evaluation arises from our clients in the following situations:

When concluding transactions for the sale and purchase of property. Of course, if we are talking about an iron or an old teapot, no one will ever come to their estimation, especially since this procedure is not mandatory. However, if it is a question of larger objects, such as an apartment house or an entire business, then it is better to evaluate the market value. It will be useful not to make a mistake with the appointed price and not lose money in the results of the transaction. In addition, the assessment of market value will facilitate the inflow of buyers who are much more likely to have a proposal that is backed by an independent expert opinion. Quite often it is the buyer who initiates the valuation, but he cannot order the procedure, since only the owner has the right to do so. We should not forget that no matter what amount the expert calls, the final decision on the price is taken by the owner.

When insuring property. In contrast to the situation described above, in this case, the valuation of market value will be an obligatory procedure. This condition is put forward by the insurance company, which needs to know how much the property costs, in order to use this information to determine the amount of monthly contributions and compensation payments. Usually, insurers have their own appraisers, but it is better not to resort to their services, since the examination can be biased. The best option would be to contact an independent company that is guaranteed to have no personal interest in overstating or understating market value.

If the property becomes an object of collateral for the bank. We described this situation above.

If the property is contributed to the authorized capital of the company. Estimation of market value will be necessary, since it is necessary to establish the share that the contributed property will occupy from the total. This is a prerequisite.

For balancing or writing off. As in the previous situation, the market value assessment will be mandatory.

For more detail :

The company “1Capital” will gladly provide you with its services for property evaluation. To work with us is very simple, all you need to do is to leave a request and give access to the evaluation object.

All information on the cost of work, the timing of their conduct and the necessary documentation can be found below.

The fragmentation of a major transaction in purchases is unacceptable

In some cases, when applying to a court, you can get a decision quite unexpected for the parties. So, on September 14, 2018, the 16th AAS confirmed the legality of the decision of the lower court, which in the suit was denied due to the nullity of the concluded contract. At the same time, neither side declared the recognition of the treaty as such. The court independently came to this conclusion, which led to the adoption of this decision.

The possibility of such an outcome is due to a number of legal norms.

From Art. 3 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, it follows that the requirements of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and other acts regulating civil legal relations must be applied interrelated.

By virtue of paragraph 3 of Article 1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, acquiring, implementing, protecting and enforcing civil obligations, the parties must act in accordance with established rules. According to paragraph 4 of Art. 1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation no one has the right to receive a preferential position from knowingly illegal behavior.

Therefore, in the process of assessing the integrity of counterparties, it must always be assumed that the parties acted in good faith and reasonably until evidence is provided otherwise.



Christmas carols or the inevitable tradition

Between the Christmas log, the turkey, the gifts, the tree and the decorations, do not forget the famous Christmas carols to live an unforgettable family moment. These songs have marked the feast of the nativity forever, especially as they are part of a tradition. So, if you’re looking for the best playlist to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year, here are some things you’ll probably need to know.

An ancient tradition

Having gone through many centuries, Christmas carols are now one of the essential traditions to celebrate Christmas as it should be. At the beginning, these songs consisted mainly of hymns and liturgical songs in Latin . As very few people spoke Latin and the nativity songs spread throughout Europe, they were composed in various languages ​​such as French, English, German or Dutch. It was not until the beginning of the 18th and 19th century that Christmas songs were composed in large numbers. They are taught in the music conservatory and schools training musicians of all kinds.

A hymn to joy and sharing

As the spirit of Christmas rhymes with joy, hope and sharing, Christmas carols are also based on these philosophies. You will discover in each of these songs the spirit of Christmas but also its folklore like the ox and the donkey, the child in the crib, the visit of the shepherds or the Three Kings and many more. Among the famous titles not to be missed, note among others Sweet night, Between the ox and the gray donkey, It’s the day of Christmas or Shepherds the child sleeps. You will also be able to add in your playlist some profane songs like My beautiful Christmas tree, Little Papa Christmas, Long live the wind and so much more. You will be able to sing them in any language to mark the diversity that reigns during this festival.

Songs around the world

Each country has its own way of celebrating Christmas and especially of singing the hymns and songs that accompany it. Be that as it may, tradition has it that these songs are sung by children, and that from door to door. This conveys the Christmas spirit while sharing the messages related to this festivity. In Britain, the tradition is that these songs are sung by children from December 21 until the end of the year. If most of these songs come from Germany, you will have to know that these songs have largely crossed the borders.

You can also discover these songs and Christmas carols online. This is perfect for learning these songs and sharing them with family during the party. So, do not wait any longer to get up to date on the different Christmas carols. What to make the happiness of a shared moment with family or friends.

In terms of the composition of these songs , they all rest on perfect chords and harmonious tonal harmony. We are on very classic chord suites . These very “basic” constructions contribute to the good memorization of these melodies.

You can check out more:  mp3skull

Christmas songs can also annoy

In our day and, let’s say coldly, for commercial reasons, Christmas is coming sooner and earlier. We usually wait for Halloween to tackle Christmas, the next big step in bulk shopping. The decorations make their appearances, in the stores, shopping centers and the streets of our cities and our villages.

Initially, these colors and songs bring us joy and good humor. There is also no doubt that they contribute to the good development of trade and directly or indirectly encourage expenditure.

The problem with the overexpositions of Christmas music is that they revolve around more or less sophisticated arrangements. I do not even mention toys whose sound and volume sometimes leave something to be desired.

Suddenly this atmosphere of joy can cause an annoyance or even nervous fatigue. Christmas music can generate stress ! You can also read this article in English which states that this Christmas party atmosphere is bad for our sanity!

Tinted Glass for the House – Tinting

It is common to see tinted windows on large buildings but not at home, and yet they greatly improve the comfort of life. Solutions exist, both for existing glazing and for new windows. With tinted windows, no need to close the shutters or blinds to protect themselves from heat and vis-à-vis, and the brightness remains the same.

Criteria for purchasing Tinting windows

We want tinted windows, but not all for the same reasons. There are some key buying criteria that will determine which model you need.

The first purchase criterion is solar protection. The tinted windows will let the light through, but stop almost 100% UV and prevent dazzling. There is, in addition, a better temperature regulation, since in the presence of a tinted glass, about 80% of the heat of the sun is stopped, against 20% for untreated windows. One can also be tempted by the tinted glazing, for a better protection of one’s private life: the glazing can then be reflective or opaque. It is used, in exterior glazing to protect itself from neighbors a little too curious, or inside, to isolate a room.

Tinted glass solutions for the home

Today, there are several options on the Tinting glass market: the option of a film that can be put on one’s own or put by a professional and the factory- treated glazing, to filter the sun’s rays or to opacity a window. Window.

The solar film

This is the simplest solution and there are solar films of different colors: the hue is darker, and the film will be more effective against UV and solar radiation. Some reflective models protect the sun’s rays, but also looks.

Thanks to the electrostatic adhesive system, the installation, indoors or outdoors depending on the model, is within the reach of any handyman. Some precautions should be taken when cleaning, but they are usually explained by the manufacturer.

Its ease of installation, its price and its adaptability to all models of windows or French windows are its main advantages. Tinting glazing

Its weak point is the cost whereas its main asset is its durability.

Note: as for glasses, photochromic lenses can darken automatically depending on the light they receive.

In addition to tinted glass, there is an innovative product called opaque or smart glass. It comes in glass or film. The principle is simple: these films composed of liquid crystals can go from totally transparent to opaque on demand. In other words the user decides, using a remote control, how much light enters the room. This is possible thanks to the innovative liquid crystal technology.

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You can use a store that sells and sells movies, but the cheaper way is to buy a movie on the Internet. Indeed, most sites offer a cut to the exact dimensions of the window.

Digital Marketing vs. Web Design – Why a Page Dedicated to Digital

marketing? Simply to help Montreal’s SMEs navigate the many options that digital marketing offers.

A well-defined digital marketing and web design strategy helps achieve business objectives, while generating measurable results. The goal is simple: reach consumers at a good price and increase their income.

Discover below the main digital marketing and web design solutions to use to increase your income on the web!

Tart with a professional website

A website must make a good impression, but it must also convert visitors into customers or potential customers. Good website design provides visitors with an enjoyable experience that can generate online sales and sales leads; phone calls, information requests, store visits, etc.

Optimize your site for search engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you improve your SEO. That is, these optimizations will favor your positioning in the first results of search engines such as Google. The goal is to drive quality traffic to your site, that is, to attract visitors who have an interest in your products and services.

Reach visitors who have already visited your website

The remarketing (retargeting or) allows to target users who have previously visited your website and show their ads when they visit other sites. It is also possible to retarget them in social media such as Facebook. This method encourages users to return to your site and perform the action they did not perform at the first visit.

Show up to your target customers in a powerful way

Digital marketing and web design display allows you to reach your target customers on the websites and social networks they consult. It’s possible to target your potential customers very accurately and display banner ads on websites and social media that deliver the best results.

Take advantage of email marketing

The email marketing is a powerful, effective and affordable tool to reach your customers and prospects. Efficient use of email marketing can build customer loyalty, drive traffic to your website, and increase sales. Do not forget to personalize your mailings for better results and take full advantage of email marketing.

As such, we are very proud that almost all our customers renew their confidence year after year. Moreover, all of our digital creations services can be coupled with a maintenance offer so that you do not really have anything to do.

Controlled budget, advice and availability – why not discuss your digital project or website together today!

You want to develop a new website or improve the performance of your current site,

Brett’com offers to put your website at the heart of your marketing strategy.  Your future site must rely on a digital marketing platform and allow you to centralize in a tracking database all actions of users who visit.

It should allow you to launch automatic e-mail campaigns permanently to create a relationship with anyone who fits in one of your forms.

It must make it possible to follow by name the whole of a database of emailing to transmit you the complete coordinates of those which will visit your site following this campaign.

He must tell you how many of your keywords are in your articles, in your posts, to optimize your SEO permanently. It must have dozens of other features that will make it central to your marketing.

Also read more- digital marketing and web design

This evolution of your current website, or the realization of your site for a new project, requires taking into account the current design trend which is oriented “one page” and “scroll”. The realization of single-site sites is actually an explosion in progress, that of the 7 billion mobile in the world and the fact that the number of mobile users has now exceeded the number of Internet users worldwide.

Single-site sites are particularly mobile-friendly, the content will be hierarchical and scripted, the text will be reduced and the use of video will help develop most of the editorial content. The impact of this adaptation to the uses in web design forces the creative and the developers to go to the essentials, to integrate more pictograms to replace the text and to exploit the image to reinforce the main message.