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Why Women Prefer Brazilian Hair Removal

Wondering why some women remove everything in the bikini area? Here is what drives a woman on the team to opt for this treatment.
A few years ago, I was lying in bed with my dear friend at the time when he suddenly sat down and showed me an article about Brazilian wax. I rolled my eyes asking him how he would feel if I poured hot wax on his manly parts, and he dropped the subject.
Yet today, I am a follower. The first time, I did it out of sheer curiosity. I had no boyfriend or sun destination in sight, but I thought why not? Could it be more painful than the usual shirt treatment?
In fact, yes, it can. Anyway, for me, even the swimsuit was so painful that I took an Advil tablet in prevention.
Nevertheless, I submit to it. And I’m far from alone. Beautician Lynn Shulman of Toronto ‘s Elixir Organic Spa points out that “fifty percent of swimsuits are Brazilian wax , ” adding that the number is growing, at least at her health resort. Why is this treatment so popular?
Is it because we believe that men like it, or simply because we like the feeling of softness that hair removal leaves in this region? I imagine it’s different for each person. Women have been epilating for centuries, says Tracey Cox, an internationally renowned British author who has published numerous books on sexuality including, in 2008, Secrets of a Supersexpert .
“I do not think we were trying to calm men’s desire for young women,” she told the Plaisirs santé team. It is rather an effective way to treat pubic hair. In my opinion, it is easier to eliminate hair entirely than to trim it regularly. “Another advantage, she says, is that oral sex is better.
On the other hand, other women wonder if they do not impose a fashion contrary to their philosophy. Thus, on the forum of , someone recently wrote that this desire to rid women of their hair was part of the movement to “make the world a vast pornography” .
Melissa Marti, a beautician and owner of The Spa Boutique in Toronto, says most of her clients are between the ages of 25 and 45. As I will soon be 38 years old, I imagine that I am consistent with the expectations of my generation.
For me, this treatment is not a big deal; the session is only slightly longer than that of the swimsuit, which, anyway, is painful. I have the feeling of being more neat , which, in my opinion, is enough to justify it.


The Brazilian Waxing Near Atlanta GA of the shirt is undoubtedly the best technique even if its practice is a little more painful. By this method, the hairs will be even longer and will be much smoother and more supple to regrow.

Depilatory waxes are sold in 3 forms:

Hot waxing wax is the most effective although one should pay attention to the burns due to intensive heating of the wax paste. It is also not recommended for sensitive skin and people with varicose veins or circulatory disorders.
Warm waxing wax is less effective than the previous one but harder to handle at room temperature.
The cold waxing wax is the least effective and even requires two applications of wax in the same place for a satisfactory result. The cold hair removal is ideal for sensitive people or those with delicate skin.

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