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Crypto Advantage Review, SCAM Crypto Edge System Advantage or Legit App?

Type of advertising then you are officially being targeted by cyber crooks. These ripoff artists have a unique propensity for executing viral scams and understand how to bait and victimize potential opportunity seekers. We have it from a trusted source that this rogue band of affiliate marketers and thieving brokers specialize credit card fraud, identity theft, and other forms of financial internet crimes. It goes without saying that if you try to test the waters and deposit using your credit card, you will surely have your money stolen so don’t say we didn’t warn you. On a side note, many scams are now riding the Bitcoin wave as it is becoming very trendy and more acceptable. There is also this image of subversiveness and success which is associated with Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Ripple. You should know that Auto Crypto Edge System  247 has nothing to do with legit systems, and is very much closer to what is referred to as an MLM or Ponzi Scheme. In this scenario we are witnessing a bona fide investment scam, and you should know that the software is rigged and set to lose. So even if you win in the short term, you will eventually end up losing your money and that is a guaranteed fact. In light of all of this damning evidence we were able to produce, we are forced yet again to blacklist this fake cryptocurrency SCAM and advise our members and viewers seek alternative investment channels. We are readily available through our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel, so make sure to join and subscribe.Posted on November 17, 2017 by Patrick Jones

Crypto Advantage Review and Scam Investigation

Right when we were getting ready to BLACKLIST a viral Crypto Edge System scam, we were contacted by one of our members who asked us to conduct an in depth review and investigation of  the Crypto Advantage software and semi-automated trading robot. A closer look revealed thatCrypto Edge System Advantage also functions as a social trading app, which is a rare combination and not something which is readily available these days. Taking into account the fact that the internet is bursting with get-rich-quick crypto schemes, our staff of researchers was extremely standoffish and skeptical about this new system. We were also very suspicious about the sales pitch and other various issues such as a hyped up claims and some testimonials that at first glance did not seem to be genuine or legit. Despite everything, we have to constantly remind ourselves to treat every system fairly and do so without allowing our previous experience influence the outcome and findings of our investigation (this is not a simple task). So, as usual we see various affiliate networks which have endorsed this offer and this time there is a broad consensus that we are actually looking at a legitimate crypto system and not some thieving piece of  push-moneyCrypto Edge System technology designed to steal your money.
Still, we had to dig in further and let the numbers speak for themselves. The results we were able to produce in our Crypto Edge SystemAdvantage Review were definitely in line with our expectations. After funding our trading account we were able to generate a consistent income during the last 3 days, leaving us with an estimated return on investment of around 300% give or take a few pennies. Now, its true that this is a relatively short period of time, however the mere fact that Crypto Advantage didn’t just wipe out our balance in a few hours and steal our money, has made us reach the decision that it is a legit and genuine crypto trading system. It’s also worth pointing out that the brokers we were partnered with were extremely polite, professional, and not pushy. We immediately inquired about withdrawal procedures, and we recommend getting phone verified as well as this will

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