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Bac: Tips For Successful Dissertation

History-geography, economics and social sciences, French and of course philosophy: in many subjects, you will have to write a Dissertation Writing Help To help you master this exercise, we asked Caroline Binet, teacher and author of “Written Composition and Essay Essays,” to give you her advice.
Interviewed by Audrey Steeves

What is the first thing to do, face the subject?

Caroline Binet  : ”  First of all, you have to take the time to understand it Resume Writing Help Too many students rush and start writing even though they have not tried to define the terms of the subject and to delimit a perimeter. On a test of 4 hours, I think we must spend at least 1 hour to do this work of understanding, definition of ideas and organization of ideas, before starting to write. This is the surest way to avoid the off-topic.  ”

What distinguishes a good copy of a bad one?

”  The good copy is one where the student has understood the subject , has appropriated it and has managed to express his own thought by drawing on his knowledge and examples. This is the one at the end of the reading, the corrector has the feeling to have met the student and to have walked with him. It requires being organized, clear, and knowing where you want to go. Especially it is a copy that is well written. The bad copy, on the other hand, is the one that only paraphrases the course by piling up knowledge without logic or progression.  ”

Should we treat the introduction and the conclusion first?

”  It is true that the introduction and conclusion of the Dissertation Resume Writing Help Writing Help because they allow to see how the student organizes his thought, are important. But like everything else finally. The rumor that the correctors are limited to reading only the first and last sentences of the copy and vaguely the development, is obviously false! So we must not neglect anything: the good sequence of ideas, the relevance of the examples, the explanation of the notions …  ”

Is it possible to practice good dissertation?

”  Not only is it possible but it is essential because the dissertation is above all a writing exercise . Often, at the beginning of the year, students receive a methodology course on the dissertation and imagine that this is enough. Learning begins with regular practice, which means that any student can be good at training. By the beginning of the exam, I can only advise the candidates to train from annals to find the right rhythm, the right style, the one that will make their thinking flow naturally. Because if we have to summarize, the dissertation is a classic method and an original thought

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