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During a crisis, a Couples Therapy Sydney  sometimes thinks the situation is hopeless. But getting help from a therapist can be an interesting solution. The latter, by probing the psychology of the couple, allows to resume the dialogue hitherto broken. But what is the budget for a couple therapy?

Couple in crisis: the signs that do not deceive

The lack or absence of communication is of particular concern. In fact, when both partners break off the dialogue, they usually end up moving away little by little. They lose their complicity and no longer enjoy being together. It is frequently during this sensitive period that disputes arise.

What is the use of a couple therapy?

Couples Therapy Sydney allows both partners to find themselves on neutral ground, accompanied by an experienced professional. This is the perfect opportunity to express your desires, expectations and needs, in a calm and relaxed way, without fear of being judged. Everyone learns to listen to the other and talk to him frankly. In the best case, this allows the Irenas Bookkeeping Services Sydney to recreate a reassuring intimacy.

Can a couple’s therapy be reimbursed?


With an average duration of 45 minutes, one to two sessions per month, a consultation usually costs between 55 and 100 euros. It is not covered by Health Insurance. However, it may be interesting to find out from the mutuals who can repay, in part and under certain conditions, the couple therapy

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