Whether you are a coffee maker like me, or more tea type, you surely have a range of Personalised Coffee Cups  But what better than to have his cup. The one you go out in the morning with the desire to pour you a hot coffee. I love the custom stuff and I wanted to make a nice cup just for me!
We see a lot of custom mugs using a permanent Sharpie marker . On the other hand, be aware that after a few washings there will eventually be discoloration. To preserve the longevity of your work, you will need to use an oil-based Sharpie marker . You’ll find them easily at most stores selling office or hobby supplies.
These pencils are available in several colors and tip sizes.


First of all, no need for an expensive mug or exceptional quality. I like to buy at Dollarama. Experiment on different forms, the possibilities are endless. Then rubbing alcohol, a pad (makeup remover), a lead pencil and tape. You will also need to print the design and cut it roughly around. (You will find the files to download below).


With a little rubbing alcohol, clean the surface of the cup thoroughly to remove any fat or adhesive residue from the labels.


Once the sheet is printed, select the best design size for your cup and cut around it. Then, with the lead pencil, completely stain the back of the design.


Using the adhesive tape, place the design in the desired location. Remember if you are right-handed or left-handed, you must position it on the opposite side where you drink


Then, very gently, trace the design while still weighing enough so that the transfer of the lead pencil is done on the cup.


As you take your time, start drawing the design a second time directly on the cup using the Sharpie. DO NOT PANIC IF YOU MAKE A GAFFE! I explain to you how to resume.
Because as you can see, I had a little trembling when I was tracing the tea bag. No problem, you can erase using rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab (it’s more accurate). Be careful to clean the burrs properly, because after cooking (I’ll talk about it below!), It will be impossible to correct small defects.


Have fun with the colors of Sharpie Personalised Coffee Cups  and pencils. There are several sizes of tips and hues (including gold, silver and white). I made a design on a black mug (on the other hand, difficult to make the transfer with lead pencil, you will have to go by hand).


After finishing the decoration of your cups, you will have to let dry all minimum 24 HOURS (I know, I know … me too I hate to wait!). Then, by covering a cookie sheet with aluminum foil, place your Personalised Coffee Cups  immediately in the cold oven , and turn it on so that it reaches 350 degrees . Let the pieces cook for 2 hours . Then take them out, and without much manipulation, let them cool completely .
IMPORTANT NOTE : after some more research on the best temperature and cooking time, I realized that several sites give different indications. I initially baked my Personalised Coffee Cups  for 2 hours at 250 degrees, but I feel that the heat was not strong enough. After a final test in the dishwasher, my design was all chipped (except the gold color!). In short, some recommend cooking a second time. What I did was a little heat up to 350 and cooking an extra hour. I strongly advise you to wash your cup by hand, and do not let it soak in the water. Tell me about your experiences on the publication of our Facebook page .

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