How the Cannabis Industry Is Helping Custom Packaging Reach New highs

Since the legalization of Cannabis in many states of the US, it has been selling leaps and bounds. In 2017 alone, the sales of legalized cannabis products exceeded liquor sales and are forecasted to grow at exponential rates in the coming years as well. However, cannabis products sold from retail store shelves are still new and are undergoing innovations when it comes to the ways they are sold. Especially when you consider other usages of cannabis products like the medical extracts and recreational drug, packaging of such products is of great importance.
Cannabis packaging needs to be functional and suitably attractive at the same time. Other usual Custom Packaging boxes or containers will not work with these cannabis products because of its different dry and fluffy nature. Yet some of the cannabis special packaging ideas are being ported to other products around the world as well and the whole cannabis packaging ideas are having quite significant effects on customized packaging. Read through our post to find out how cannabis packaging is fast becoming the new phenomenon:

The Tubular Pop-Top Packaging

Although tubular packaging has been out in the market for quite some time now, the innovative attached pop-top tubular packaging is quite new and got made especially for cannabis products. Length and girth of this style of packaging can be varied and it can also be made from custom materials like cardstock, plastics, woods or even light metals. Customized versions of tubular pop-top packaging are now being used for medical cannabis as well as many other liquid or solid product packaging as well.
The main idea behind such packaging tubes is to provide easily accessible storage space for cannabis products and the pop-top lids are not only easy to open and close on top of the tubes but will also not be lost because of them being attached with the tubes. Some type of light printing or clear stickers can also be used for labeling these tubes when required. Overall, tubular pop-top packaging is quite a thing in packaging these days, see a few pictures below to know more about this:

Hemp Cone Custom Packaging

Cannabis is often sold in prepared hemps that are easy to smoke and function basically like a cigarette. However, these cannot be packaged like traditional cigarettes because of the softness of hemp paper and the whole thing being much damage prone. One of the best ways to package prepared hemps is to use hard materials Custom Boxes that protect the delicate cannabis products against any kinds of mishandling and rough usage that is always expected to happen.
Custom box inserts with thin and long die cut holders can work great to keep inserted hemps away from each other and also safely in their places. Since these hemps can dampen up when come in contact with each other, keeping them apart is also very important and can save packaged cannabis from getting destroyed. Watch this video to get a better idea about personalized Hemp cone Custom Packaging.

Raw Cannabis Small Custom Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes for cannabis packaging need different styling and size cutting in order to fit compact spaces and other requirements by the cannabis smoking community. Since most of these packaged smoking products will be carried in pockets or even small shoulder bags, providing small sized Custom Boxes with suitable designing and printing on them is a great idea. Different shapes of boxes like squares, rectangles, thin pocket friendly cases or many other ones can be used as preferred.
These custom cannabis boxes can also be manufactured from different materials. Since the dried cannabis carries no or very little moisture in it, the possibility of using cardstocks like corrugated or cardboard materials is very functional as well. Keeping in mind the print and design friendliness of cardstock materials, Custom Printed Boxes made from these are a great option indeed. Here are some great small sized cannabis packaging ideas made from cardstocks:

Organic Cannabis Friendly Printed Boxes

Since cannabis is organic, it is only fitting to use organic packaging boxes for it as well. Such an idea can be followed with recycled materials boxes or even cardstock pouches that have matching printed designs on them as well. Different types of materials can be used for this style of packaging, recycled paper is a great option with durable and liquid proof film lining on their insides and childproof closing zips on their tops at the same time.
For the printed designs, you can print your brand logos, names and also any helpful usage information on these boxes or pouches. An image of the actual products along with any required text based printing works great and you can select different sizes and shapes for your packaging as well. This type of cannabis special packaging has been so influential that it is actively used for medicine, agriculture and many food products these days. Here are some examples:

Fancy Cannabis Gift Packaging

As much as raw cannabis and its products are enjoyed for personal consumption, people across the world also use them as suitable gifts for their loved ones. For these gifts like all other gifting products, beautiful Custom Packaging with interesting and complementary designs is always a good idea as it provides that great look and feel along with a satisfactory unboxing experience for your gift receivers.
You can either go with single cannabis jar gift Custom Boxes or use large sized boxes with custom die cut inserts for many different cannabis products. Custom die inserts will hold all gift boxes in their places and when you use beautiful large Custom Printed Boxes with fancy surface finish options like embossing, debossing or foil stamping, the whole vibe created by your cannabis packaging gets talked about in the community to a point where the idea is now even getting used for many other types of gift packaging bringing functionality and beautiful designing for customized packaging at the same time. Here are a few ideas:

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