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The interest for you to have a convertible table

You are passionate about billiard table cover but you do not have enough space in your house to accommodate at the same time a dining table and a pool table? You do not have to worry about it anymore because the solution exists. This is the convertible pool table. It will allow you to optimize your dining room or your living room. With disconcerting ease, you can move from a dining table to a real billiard simply by removing the tray that is above. Whatever their style, convertible billiard table cover  can fit your living room. Now, at the end of a meal with friends, you can immediately go to a game of billiards without the need for a games room to store your pool table. You can buy yours today and impress your guests at the end of dinner.

Features close to an ordinary table

In appearance, a convertible billiard table cover is identical in every way to a regular table even at the level of comfort it offers once converted. Indeed, a regular dining table is about 70 cm high while the pool table is 66 cm high from the ground from its base. Suppliers also provide chairs and benches to suit the billiard model you choose. These merge with the table to form a harmonious whole. You can easily slide them under the pool to have more space in your kitchen or your living room.

Unique design and ergonomics

The finishes of the convertible billiard table are based on the latest technology and symmetry lines exceptional for connoisseurs. By purchasing such a table with unique quality components, you will be part of a circle of privileged. Despite this high technology integrated billiard table, its assembly is not complicated for all that and thanks to a system of male-female studs, the sliding of the tray on the billiard is made easy. So you have the choice between 03 types of finishes

    • The checkered glass
    • Transparent glass
  • Frosted glass

For the borders of the glass top, you have the choice between two styles:

Solid wood borders in billiard colors

The total glass mode for more class and charm

 pool table

convertible billiard table

billiard table cover s is one of the popular games that has existed for many years. Many fans of this game want to have their own pool table at home to spend time with family and friends playing their favorite game. You have to choose your pool table with great sensitivity to make the most of the game. Today, a wide variety of billiard table cover are available on the market. They are designed to meet the needs of different individuals. But more original still, you can have a dual function game table and dining room. Unbelievable ? But it is true and here are some details on this novelty that will beautify your home.

    • modern dining table
    • Billiards table
    • Optimized properties for a smoother game
    • The convertible pool table has also been optimized for play with:
  • a system of flat pockets

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