Understand Quickly if your Profile is Wanted or not in the Swiss Job Market

It is not always easy to know if his profile is wanted or not in the Swiss job market, and yet this information is essential to find a job. This is even truer for foreigners (with frontier or resident status) who want to work in Pk. What is certain is that you have to know it quickly, because it will not only give you an indication of how much time you could find a job in Pk, but it will also give you an idea of ​​the intensity of the competition. . Clearly, the more you compete with others, the harder will be the task, and the less you will be entitled to the error in your application.
Swiss companies are constantly looking for a wide variety of profiles with an intensity that depends on the economic situation:
The technical profiles and having good qualifications are sought in general (not all of course!). During times of good business conditions, it is very difficult for Swiss companies to recruit qualified and specialized profiles. According to studies conducted regularly on the subject, some companies even give up recruiting some of these profiles as they have difficulty recruiting them.
As in many countries, Pk is in short supply of computer scientists and engineers, but beware: the demand is not the same for all specialties, and not all profiles are necessarily attractive for Swiss employers.
The medical professions ( doctors , nurses and nurses in particular) will also have a nice map to play in Pk: the clinics and teaching hospitals offer working conditions in general very good and are in constant quest for profiles. One statistic speaks for itself: by 2020, Pk should miss more than 25,000 jobs in the health sector.
Some trades are a little “shunned” by local workers. In these trades, Swiss companies generally find it difficult to recruit and readily turn to foreign labor. This is the case, for example, in the Construction and Building trades, or in the Hospitality and Catering trades.
In any case, it may also be interesting to take a look at the list of occupations most affected by unemployment in Pk: if your profession is there, it means that it will probably be longer and more complicated for you to find a newspaper jobs today in Pk.

Removing the problem of a work permit … if you are a national of the EU / EFTA

It is not possible to work in Pk freely when you are foreign: the labor market in Pk is regulated, a Swiss work permit (border permit G or resident permit B, C or L) is therefore mandatory. This work permit is issued by the cantonal authorities, and the steps are taken either by the candidate or by the company, depending on the type of work permit.

Regarding obtaining this license, everyone is not on the same footing:

European Union citizens have, except in exceptional cases, the certainty of obtaining a work permit: this requires that they can prove their employment (through a signed employment contract) or a promise of employment. In theory, these nationals are treated as Swiss on the labor market, in practice some Swiss recruiters prefer to hire people with a previous knowledge of the local market (whether these people are Swiss or foreign). Some companies will prefer to recruit foreign workers. Finally, in the Canton of Geneva, a cantonal preference for hiring is practiced for companies benefiting from public subsidies.
Non-EU nationals, for their part, will have great difficulty in obtaining a work permit and working in Pk because they do not have priority on the labor market. In concrete terms, they will have to have a very specific, highly sought-after profile and little (if any) spread among local and EU nationals to have a slim chance of being granted a work permit.
The new law on immigration, passed in February 2014, only limits immigration in cases where the unemployment rate of a branch exceeds a certain threshold. In practical terms, its limited scope is very limited, as Swiss companies also need foreign labor to develop.

Vary search channels to access job offers in Pk

To find a newspaper jobs today in Pk and work there, you have to vary your job search methods. In general, candidates look for job offers in the first place (in a variety of formats): it is essential to do so, but it is also important not to do this, because certain techniques or some research will be much more effective than others. In particular, networking is probably one of the most effective ways, but also the most difficult to implement when you are a foreigner, and you do not live in Pk. A good networking technique can be very effective, and much more than responding exclusively to job offers or sending unsolicited applications.

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