Reverse Mortgages- Conventional Loans in Texas

In Canada, if you are an owner and you are 55 years of age or older, you may qualify for a reverse mortgage.. While traditional mortgages require you to make monthly payments, a reverse mortgage does not require payment. With a reverse mortgage, the bank pays you monthly advances or a lump sum based on a percentage of the actual value and net worth of your property, your age, the amount of secured debt, the type of property and the location of it. Conventional loans will be repaid from the value of the property.

Main differences between the three types of home equity loans

Advance of funds

Reverse mortgages offer the highest degree of versatility. Mortgage lines of credit give you access to funds through a credit card or checkbook. However, it is crucial to realize that you will only be able to access this line of credit during a fixed funding period. Once this period has expired, you will have to start repaying the outstanding balance.

In Canada, second mortgages are paid as a single lump sum.


In Canada, reverse mortgages are the preferred option for seniors in deferred repayment. This means that your Conventional loans is due only in the event of default of home insurance or property tax, moving, major property damage, property sale or death. In most cases, the reverse mortgage is repaid from the sale of the property after the owners’ death. This allows seniors to live in comfort, take a vacation and enjoy family time while they can, without accumulating large debts.

Repayment of home equity lines of credit is based on the amount borrowed and the prevailing interest rate. Given the fluctuation of interest rates, your monthly payments may be affordable one month and then unaffordable the following month. This repayment option is the least favorable for individuals with only a fixed income. This can be a challenge for seniors to repay their debt, especially if they are using a home equity loan option to offset a decline in retirement income. Seniors may also have difficulty demonstrating their eligibility for a home equity line of credit as it has certain income requirements.

Second mortgages make monthly payments based on a fixed interest rate, which is more favorable than the fluctuating monthly payments of a home equity line of credit, but less favorable than the terms of a reverse mortgage.

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Second mortgages, reverse mortgages, and home equity lines of credit all allow you to free up your property’s net worth for cash. But while these three options share this characteristic, they differ greatly in terms of cash advances and repayments, as well as many other levels. If you are 55 years of age or older and are looking for a long-term source of income, a reverse mortgage is the ideal solution.

Reverse mortgages are designed to allow you to truly enjoy your retirement years in your property. care costs, help family members, go on vacation or live in comfort


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