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Christmas carols or the inevitable tradition

Between the Christmas log, the turkey, the gifts, the tree and the decorations, do not forget the famous Christmas carols to live an unforgettable family moment. These songs have marked the feast of the nativity forever, especially as they are part of a tradition. So, if you’re looking for the best playlist to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year, here are some things you’ll probably need to know.

An ancient tradition

Having gone through many centuries, Christmas carols are now one of the essential traditions to celebrate Christmas as it should be. At the beginning, these songs consisted mainly of hymns and liturgical songs in Latin . As very few people spoke Latin and the nativity songs spread throughout Europe, they were composed in various languages such as French, English, German or Dutch. It was not until the beginning of the 18th and 19th century that Christmas songs were composed in large numbers. They are taught in the music conservatory and schools training musicians of all kinds.

A hymn to joy and sharing

As the spirit of Christmas rhymes with joy, hope and sharing, Christmas carols are also based on these philosophies. You will discover in each of these songs the spirit of Christmas but also its folklore like the ox and the donkey, the child in the crib, the visit of the shepherds or the Three Kings and many more. Among the famous titles not to be missed, note among others Sweet night, Between the ox and the gray donkey, It’s the day of Christmas or Shepherds the child sleeps. You will also be able to add in your playlist some profane songs like My beautiful Christmas tree, Little Papa Christmas, Long live the wind and so much more. You will be able to sing them in any language to mark the diversity that reigns during this festival.

Songs around the world

Each country has its own way of celebrating Christmas and especially of singing the hymns and songs that accompany it. Be that as it may, tradition has it that these songs are sung by children, and that from door to door. This conveys the Christmas spirit while sharing the messages related to this festivity. In Britain, the tradition is that these songs are sung by children from December 21 until the end of the year. If most of these songs come from Germany, you will have to know that these songs have largely crossed the borders.
You can also discover these songs and Christmas carols online. This is perfect for learning these songs and sharing them with family during the party. So, do not wait any longer to get up to date on the different Christmas carols. What to make the happiness of a shared moment with family or friends.
In terms of the composition of these songs , they all rest on perfect chords and harmonious tonal harmony. We are on very classic chord suites . These very “basic” constructions contribute to the good memorization of these melodies.
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Christmas songs can also annoy

In our day and, let’s say coldly, for commercial reasons, Christmas is coming sooner and earlier. We usually wait for Halloween to tackle Christmas, the next big step in bulk shopping. The decorations make their appearances, in the stores, shopping centers and the streets of our cities and our villages.
Initially, these colors and songs bring us joy and good humor. There is also no doubt that they contribute to the good development of trade and directly or indirectly encourage expenditure.
The problem with the overexpositions of Christmas music is that they revolve around more or less sophisticated arrangements. I do not even mention toys whose sound and volume sometimes leave something to be desired.
Suddenly this atmosphere of joy can cause an annoyance or even nervous fatigue. Christmas music can generate stress ! You can also read this article in English which states that this Christmas party atmosphere is bad for our sanity!

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