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If your trip lasts more than four hours, do not forget to stop, preferably every 2-3 hours. If you ask the drivers when to stop for a rest, they usually answer: “when the yawn began”. Yawning is a lack of oxygen, a decrease in metabolism, a state where a person is already entering the stage of sleep. Remember: the very first signs of fatigue: the seat became uncomfortable, there is a desire to change the position. This means you need to stop, warm up, and sleep.
On long journeys, the route must be planned in such a way that every four hours of the journey there will be an opportunity to stop and rest. The word “draw” often ends in trouble.
If there is no hotel, do not stay on the sidelines. It is necessary to find a more or less crowded place: the GDBD post, the lighted gas station. If you are traveling along a back road, you must stop before entering the nearest village, so that you can see it, and you will not be noticed.
Remember, sleep is the only effective way to fight fatigue. Energy, lemons, coffee give come to life for a few minutes. After using them, the process of falling asleep will be two times faster than usual. Lemons, seeds are elements of switching attention, but not relieving fatigue.
Keep in mind that spending the night in a car with the engine running is one of the very dangerous moments, because you can suffocate with carbon monoxide gas. People die of exhaust gases without feeling it, they just fall asleep. For children, the risk is even higher.
Especially dangerous for CO2 accumulation stop in the valley.


If you are traveling by bus, first of all, be sure to choose the official carrier, and not the private owner.
Look under the bus: if it is dripping (any leak is a bad sign to Solve go to this site). A worn rubber should also guard you: worn out, with torn tufts.
If the duration of the flight is more than 4 hours, ask yourself if there is a tachygraphy in the bus. It is located on top or side of the driver and looks like a radio, but with fewer buttons. Two cards must be inserted into it (for each of the two drivers). The device controls the compliance of drivers with the regime of work and rest. In Russia, only 10 models of these devices are allowed to be installed, and it is better, of course, that it was a VDO. At least, if their tachygraphy does not break, it is not worth just “for a tick”.
See if there are seat belts in the cabin. They must be in buses that go on flights lasting more than 4 hours.
If you are traveling with children up to 8 years old, choose a bus with seat belts or an isofix system that allows you to attach child seats. Agree in advance the question of installing a child seat.
Do not take children in your arms while the bus is moving. No matter how strong your arms are, they can only cause harm. Remember that during sudden braking a person involuntarily squeezes the child, often this leads to the fact that the ribs of the baby go to the lungs.

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