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All About The Painting By Numbers

What is paint by number?

Paint by numbers is a method of art and a creative hobby that consists of painting work on a pre-printed canvas, broken down into a multitude of numbered areas.

The principle is to paint each numbered area (corresponding to color) with the associated paint pot, to finally complete a complete work from A to Z.

Many designs are available with complete kits that include all the materials needed to paint.

The painting on numbers highlights the fact that a painting is built with a multitude of shapes and colors. Separated they appear quite abstract, but put end to end they take all their meaning.

Extra large paint by number also makes it possible to learn, from a photograph, to clearly identify the different zones, the changes of tones and the variations of colors. This is part of the learning methods to gradually paint works from a blank canvas. With experience, you will be more fluid in your brushstrokes and can easily visualize the different areas from any photo.

Why does this phenomenon make a huge buzz right now? How to explain such success?

In today’s society, where everything is going faster and faster and when many people arrive at situations of “bad being”, the painting by numbers makes it possible to change the ideas while learning in a playful way the art of painting.

Some choose meditation or sport to keep control, others prefer to try out art and paintings to be painted by numbers are perfect for this desire.

Clear the void completely and move step by step in the realization of works of very high quality. Once finished, you can expose and hang them at home.

[Did you say History…? ]

A bit of history about painting by numbers:

Painting by number appeared a long time ago. This fun activity was popularized in the 1950s in the United States by artist Dan Robbins, an artist who worked for Max S. Klein’s American company Palmer Show Card Paint Co.

But Leonard de Vinci was certainly the precursor and the first to model this technique of painting. He is known to have taught painting to his students by numbering some areas of a blank canvas to guide his students in choosing the paint colors to use.

Dan Robbins’ idea of ​​genius was to borrow the basic idea and make the art of painting accessible to all with different designs.

The success was immediate, and Palmer Show Card Co. then developed many adult paint kits.

The message of the time was quite artistic: you can all become a famous painter, you may be the new Rembrandt!

Millions of Americans like then-President Dwight Eisenhower began painting numbered canvases with their matching little pots of paint.

Many artists of the time also used the technique of painting by numbers in the preparation of paintings to reproduce works from photographs.

This is also the appearance of the Pop’art effect in the 60s when Andy Warhol launched semi-finished paintings of Pop-art to paint, the so-called DIY, Do It Yourself, ” to do yourself “in French.

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