Christmas carols or the inevitable tradition

Between the Christmas log, the turkey, the gifts, the tree and the decorations, do not forget the famous Christmas carols to live an unforgettable family moment. These songs have marked the feast of the nativity forever, especially as they are part of a tradition. So, if you’re looking for the best playlist to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year, here are some things you’ll probably need to know.

An ancient tradition

Having gone through many centuries, Christmas carols are now one of the essential traditions to celebrate Christmas as it should be. At the beginning, these songs consisted mainly of hymns and liturgical songs in Latin . As very few people spoke Latin and the nativity songs spread throughout Europe, they were composed in various languages ​​such as French, English, German or Dutch. It was not until the beginning of the 18th and 19th century that Christmas songs were composed in large numbers. They are taught in the music conservatory and schools training musicians of all kinds.

A hymn to joy and sharing

As the spirit of Christmas rhymes with joy, hope and sharing, Christmas carols are also based on these philosophies. You will discover in each of these songs the spirit of Christmas but also its folklore like the ox and the donkey, the child in the crib, the visit of the shepherds or the Three Kings and many more. Among the famous titles not to be missed, note among others Sweet night, Between the ox and the gray donkey, It’s the day of Christmas or Shepherds the child sleeps. You will also be able to add in your playlist some profane songs like My beautiful Christmas tree, Little Papa Christmas, Long live the wind and so much more. You will be able to sing them in any language to mark the diversity that reigns during this festival.

Songs around the world

Each country has its own way of celebrating Christmas and especially of singing the hymns and songs that accompany it. Be that as it may, tradition has it that these songs are sung by children, and that from door to door. This conveys the Christmas spirit while sharing the messages related to this festivity. In Britain, the tradition is that these songs are sung by children from December 21 until the end of the year. If most of these songs come from Germany, you will have to know that these songs have largely crossed the borders.

You can also discover these songs and Christmas carols online. This is perfect for learning these songs and sharing them with family during the party. So, do not wait any longer to get up to date on the different Christmas carols. What to make the happiness of a shared moment with family or friends.

In terms of the composition of these songs , they all rest on perfect chords and harmonious tonal harmony. We are on very classic chord suites . These very “basic” constructions contribute to the good memorization of these melodies.

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Christmas songs can also annoy

In our day and, let’s say coldly, for commercial reasons, Christmas is coming sooner and earlier. We usually wait for Halloween to tackle Christmas, the next big step in bulk shopping. The decorations make their appearances, in the stores, shopping centers and the streets of our cities and our villages.

Initially, these colors and songs bring us joy and good humor. There is also no doubt that they contribute to the good development of trade and directly or indirectly encourage expenditure.

The problem with the overexpositions of Christmas music is that they revolve around more or less sophisticated arrangements. I do not even mention toys whose sound and volume sometimes leave something to be desired.

Suddenly this atmosphere of joy can cause an annoyance or even nervous fatigue. Christmas music can generate stress ! You can also read this article in English which states that this Christmas party atmosphere is bad for our sanity!

Introduction to Web Development  – Web Development Agencies 

The objective of this chapter is to discover the fundamental concepts related to Web development.

The functioning of the Houston web design

To view a website on the Internet, simply type the correct site address in the address bar of a web browser, and the site will be displayed (if network access is working). We will try to understand what is behind this very simple operation in appearance.

The concept of Web server

To be accessible, a website must be published on a server. A server is a particular type of computer whose role is to wait for and respond to client requests. A server renders a service to its customers.

There are many types of servers, depending on the service rendered: file server, mail, authentication … A server that publishes websites is called a Web server.

Note: the same machine can render different services (example: Web server and file server).

Specifically, a web server machine embeds and executes server software capable of responding to requests for web site queries. The most popular web server software is Apache, Microsoft IIS and nix.

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The notion of Web client

The machine that allows consultation of the requested website is called Web Client. This is an abuse of language: in reality, the real client is software that runs on this machine and performs the consultation operation. This software is most often a Houston web design browser (browser). The most popular web browsers are Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox , Chrome , Safari and Opera .

Other types of software than browsers can act as web clients by connecting to web servers. Examples: indexing robots, web vacuums, mobile applications, etc.

Communication between client and server

The understanding of the exchanges taking place between a client and a Web server during the consultation of a site is essential. This is a request / response mechanism.

The exchange is initiated by the client, which sends the server a request to consult a web resource.

The server prepares the associated HTML page.

The server returns the HTML page to the client, who displays it.

In order to understand each other, the client and the web server use a common protocol during their exchanges: HTTP.

The HTTP protocol

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol ) is the transfer protocol of the Web. It was his invention in 1989 at CERN in Geneva, along with HTML, that led to the appearance of the World Wide Web: an immense network of networks, where we can “bounce” from a Web page to another using links without having to know the physical location of the servers and resources consulted.

HTTP is basically a very simple protocol, based on textual commands.

The first line of this HTTP request is the most important. It contains:

The method associated with the query: here, GET means a resource request.

The identifier of the resource concerned. Here, /(root symbol, as in Linux) indicates that you want to access the default document.

The version of the HTTP protocol, here 1.1.

The other lines of the HTTP request are called header fields ( HTTP header fields or more simply headers ). They specify the website concerned (field Host), the types of content accepted by the client (field Accept) and the client software used (field User-Agent). There are other header fields, not shown here.

The most frequently used HTTP methods are GET(to retrieve a resource from the server) and POST(to modify a resource on the server). There are others like HEAD, PUT or DELETE.

Anatomy of an HTTP response

When it receives an HTTP request, the Houston web design server pulls in the information needed to build the response, and sends it back to the client. Let’s continue with our previous example

The first line of the response contains its status in the form of a code that indicates the result of the request. Like a request, an HTTP response contains header fields ( Date, Content-Type and many others) for conveying additional information. For example, it is possible to use certain fields to set up a cache mechanism.

Finally, the HTTP response optionally contains the resource requested by the client. Most often, it is a web page described as HTML tags.

10k gold vs. 14k gold: what kind of gold should you buy?

14k gold price

10-carat gold and 14k gold are some of the most used precious metals in jewelry. How are these two gold alloys different, and is there one better than the other? Let’s compare together 10-carat gold and 14k gold price.

For starters, you are probably wondering what the point of creating gold alloys is. The main reason is that pure gold is too soft to be used in jewelry. To address this problem, gold is mixed with other metals, resulting in a stronger, more durable alloy. 14k gold has a color closer to that of pure gold. The purity of gold is measured in carats, and the highest number of carats is 24, which corresponds to pure gold. Each carat indicated on a gold jewel simply tells you how much gold there is, out of a total of 24.

What is 10 carat gold?

10 carat gold is a compound consisting of ten parts of gold and 14 parts of other metals such as silver, copper, zinc or nickel. In terms of percentages, 10-carat gold holds 41.07% pure gold. A 10-carat jewel will most often be stamped with a mark of 10kt, 10c, 10ct or something similar. If you see a mark or a stamped seal of .417, it also means that it is 10-carat gold.

What is 14 carat gold?

In the same way as for 10-carat gold, a 14-carat gold alloy is composed of 14 measures of gold and 10 measures of other metal’s, mostly copper and silver, but can also be nickel and zinc. This alloy contains 58.3% gold and this is why you can sometimes see 14k gold price jewelry stamped with a .583 or .585 mark. Most often, a 14-carat piece will be marked 14C, 14CT, 14c, or something close.

10ct gold is cheaper than 14k gold price

One of the first differences you should notice when buying gold, is that a 10-carat gold jewel is on average cheaper than a 14k gold price. This is understandable: an object made of 10ct gold contains less pure gold than is made of 14ct gold. However, keep in mind that cheap does not necessarily mean low quality. 14ct gold may be more expensive, but its higher concentration of gold makes it softer and less resistant.

14ct gold has a better color

Regarding appearance, 14-carat gold has a color that is closer to that of pure gold. 10-carat gold is less yellow because of its lower gold content. However, this difference is not very strong, and most people would not be able to tell if it’s about 10ct gold or 14ct just looking at the color of a jewel. Also note that, because of its low gold content, 10ct gold dulls faster than 14k gold price. If you buy a jewel with a diamond, you will not have much choice: you will see that most gold and diamond jewelry are composed with at least 14 karat gold.

10ct gold is stronger

Although a jewel made from 10-carat gold suggests that it’s of lower quality, this alloy is actually stronger than 14-carat gold and can last longer. Since gold is a very soft metal, including less in an alloy also means that 10 ct gold is stronger than pure gold. For this reason, a 10ct gold ring, for example, should wear less quickly than a 14ct gold ring. However, this is not always the case, since the strength of the alloy in gold depends not only on the proportion of gold but also on the quality and quantities of the other metals in the composition. Also, the composition of the alloy is just a factor of resistance. As a result, a good 14ct gold coin can be more durable than a 10ct gold coin.

10 carat gold is not recommended for people allergic to nickel

The biggest disadvantage of 10 carat gold is that a jewel made from it cannot be worn by people allergic to nickel. As a large percentage of 10ct gold is made from this metal (when compared with higher carats), 10kt gold will more easily cause skin irritation and other symptoms related to people allergic to nickel. 14-carat gold jewelry is less likely to cause these allergenic responses, but you’ll need to make sure that you do the right tests.

Buying tips: what to choose between 10ct gold and 14ct gold?

Although it is difficult to say that 10ct gold or 14ct gold is the best in all aspects, in some cases one is better than the other. If you want a jewel that you will wear every day, 10ct gold is better because it is more durable and scratch resistant. A 14ct gold ring that you would wear very often, will erode and wear out faster. By the way, 10C gold is cheaper. As we have already discussed, if you buy a jewel with a diamond, then the frames will most often consist of at least 14ct gold. Of course, if you are allergic to nickel, you will avoid 10-carat gold and choose 14-carat gold, or even an alloy with a higher carat gold. For aesthetics, only you can decide if you prefer the color of gold 14ct or 10ct.

Where to buy quality 14K gold jewelry? And 14k gold price

For 14ct yellow gold, white gold, or 14ct rose gold jeweler, we strongly recommend that you take a look at the large selection of coins and jewelry available at Amazon. You will be able to buy rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets and beautiful pieces of goldsmith’s work at low 14k gold price. In addition, express delivery is free on Amazon so enjoy!


Let it be said, to dress well is undoubtedly a desire that drives us all. If aspiring to find the part or parts that we will highlight is not new, it must be recognized that in some cases, the search for the room may be riddled with pitfalls. The price is very often the first brake, making us fall back on something less beautiful of course but friendlier vis-à-vis our portfolio. The second problem is, and we must not be ashamed of it, our own person. Indeed, we are not all lucky to have the physique of a Greek god. Mixed with a misunderstanding of current trends and sometimes inaccurate advice, we are left with products that do not go clearly. Today, and in order to stop reproducing this type of error,

The different types of jackets

As a suits 4 men is not simply a jacket and pants (it would be too simple), it is appropriate to define the different forms of jackets that exist. We have highlighted some of them in our various costume tests and we will look today at the most used forms at the moment. We have deliberately ignored one-button jackets as these are mostly used for smoking.

  1. Two-button jacket

Not surprisingly, the two-button jacket is the most popular and most popular form when buying a costume. The straight jacket, considered classic at first, has been revisited in recent years thanks to the return of the peak lapels. Of course, the two-button suits 4 men is unmistakably the most adaptable of all: from the most basic with classic lapels and a beautiful navy blue to the most worked with spiked lapels and a vest, hard not to find a costume of this guy does not have a beautiful fallen!

The biggest advantage of a two button jacket is undoubtedly the fact that it tends to lengthen the silhouette. Well cut, it will also refine the overall appearance of the wearer. On the contrary, taking it too wide will increase your weight. Finally, the suits 4 men with a jacket two buttons is ideal when you are not used to wearing the suit as it provides a certain freedom of movement.

  1. Three-button jacket

Less and less on the front of the stage, the suit equipped with a jacket three buttons is undoubtedly the most formal form of suits 4 men. Currently, this type of jacket will be mainly associated with thick materials such as tweed. The three-button jacket is a piece to wear with care. Indeed, its very construction can very quickly serve its carrier. Because of the positioning of the highest button, the backs of the latter are shorter than accustomed. It must be absolutely sure that they are not too short because, if necessary, it will necessarily distort the silhouette.

The advantage of this type of jacket compared to having only two buttons is its ability to hold warmer. Level buttoning several cases are possible. The first is, as for a jacket two buttons, to leave the lowest button open. Again, it helps to maintain a certain ease in our various movements. The top button can also stay open which will automatically give the set a less formal side. Finally, the three buttons can be closed if and only if we are brought to work standing and / or in a very formal situation. Be careful not to do it sparingly, the full button is less and less used and, above all, accepted.

Erase Avast For Windows XP, Vista, 7

To do this, regardless we require the CCleaner utility, keeping in mind the end goal to clean the registry in the wake of expelling avast safezone browser  (particularly in the event that you neglected to unprotect it before uninstalling it).

Go to the “Begin” menu, there we open “Control Board”, in which we select “Evacuate Projects

Opens the standard Windows utility to evacuate programs. It’s anything but difficult to utilize and straightforward. That is the thing that we require.

In the open rundown, select the same avast safezone browser over the rundown of projects, tap the “Erase/Alter” catch. In the following window that opens, select “Erase” and affirm it.

Close the “Evacuate Projects” utility, open the CCleaner that you officially like, clean the registry. In the menu on the left, select “Spare”, at the base tap on the catch “Scan for issues”. We are pausing. Tap on “Fix”.

We are sitting tight for it to complete, we proceed “Cleaning”, affirm the erasure.

We restart the PC. There’s nothing more to it! You can introduce another antivirus safely.

Highlights of Avast Expulsion in Windows 8

In Windows 8, not at all like different Windows working frameworks, there is no “Begin” menu in a place commonplace to everybody.

On the work area, open the correct menu, select “Choices”. Select “Control Board”.

In the “Projects” area, select “Evacuate Projects”.

Truth be told, that’s it in a nutshell. I trust you have not had any issues.

You can evacuate avast safezone browser  Antivirus by standard Microsoft Windows implies or with the assistance of an extraordinary utility.

Pick how to evacuate:

Starting »;

  1. Select the ” Control Board ” menu thing :
  2. In the ” Control Board ” Select the ” Projects and Segments ” (or area ” Projects “, and after that ” Projects and Parts “):

While evacuating outsider antivirus programming the standard Microsoft Windows instruments can leave organizers and records on the framework, so you need to check the “Program Documents ” subsequent to restarting the PC. On the off chance that there are organizers and records from an outsider antivirus in the envelope, you should likewise evacuate them and restart the PC.


Avast ESET NOD32 .

Protected Mode “Or” Experimental Mode “:

To uninstall the outsider against infection yourself utilizing standard Microsoft Windows instruments, take after these means:

Determine the working framework. For clients working framework Windows Vista/7. For clients working Windows frameworks XP.

  1. In the lower left corner of the screen, click ” Begin “;
  2. Select the ” Control Board ” menu thing :
  3. In the ” Control Board ” Select the ” Projects and Parts ” (or area ” Projects “, and after that ” Projects and Segments “):
  4. In ” Projects and Parts ” Select the program you need to erase;
  5. Double tap the program name.
  6. Affirm that you truly need to uninstall the program;
  7. In the open window of the antivirus evacuation program avast safezone browser  select the ” Erase ” and press ” Next time

On the off chance that you expel an outsider hostile to infection with standard Microsoft Windows apparatuses, a few organizers and documents may stay in the framework, so you should check the “Program Records ” subsequent to restarting the PC. In the event that there are envelopes and records from an outsider antivirus in the organizer, you should likewise evacuate them and restart the PC.

  1. In the lower left corner of the screen, click ” Begin “;
  2. Select the ” Control Board ” menu thing :
  3. In the ” Include or Evacuate Projects ” Select the program you need to erase;
  4. Press ” Erase ” (or the ” Alter ” catch );
  5. In the open window of the antivirus evacuation program avast safezone browser  select the ” Erase ” and press ” Next time “:

In the event that you expel an outsider against infection with standard Microsoft Windows instruments, a few envelopes and records may stay in the framework, so you should check the “Program Documents ” subsequent to restarting the PC. On the off chance that there are organizers and records from an outsider antivirus in the envelope, you should likewise evacuate them and restart the PC.

To uninstall the outsider against infection yourself utilizing standard Microsoft Windows devices, take after these means:

Indicate the working framework. For clients of the working framework Windows Vista/7. For clients of the Windows XP working framework.

  1. In the lower left corner of the screen, click ” Begin “;
  2. Select the ” Control Board ” menu thing :
  3. In the ” Control Board ” Select the ” Projects and Segments ” (or segment ” Projects “, and after that ” Projects and Segments “):

Except For Large Call Ocean Of Video Games Of Video Games.

Even after emulators hit the scene, it persisted to be a hidden gem of an import identify due to the fact early emulator programmers have been finding it nearly impossible to replicate its superior chip. Ask every body who attempted to play superstar Ocean of video games of video games on their desktops inside the overdue 90s, and they’ll let you know know-how masses of a beast it grow to be to rise up and going for walks.00012
Ocean of Games : the second story — while the Gateway Drug is simply too robust
rectangular Enix subsequently got around to publishing it within the States for the PSP in 2008 as Ocean of Games: First Departure, however it turned into already observed via then, the magical attraction evaporated. an excessive amount of time had passed to have it feel just like the revelation here that it genuinely changed into in Japan. by the point we legitimately played it, tales become already massive in the States, and Ocean of Games two sequels took its precise conflict system and ideas to new heights.

The PSP remake is a solid port in case you need to play it, but the fan-translation remains the great way to go. square Enix retooled the remake a little an excessive amount of, and it greater intently resembles its sequel than the authentic launch. rectangular Enix has no longer gotten around to a virtual launch but thru the ps keep, that means a run-via on this Vita is out. You’ll must discover your PSP to play it.

again although, it’s a recreation that we sadly had a hard time shopping for into in the States due to the fact getting it up and strolling became a ache, and we had already witnessed its far advanced sequel.
Of all the Ocean of Games video games, it’s secure to mention that the second one is my favourite. Ocean of Games : the second one tale released in the us in 1999 for the authentic ps, and it was an eye-opener for many JRPG fans, specifically the ones people who had been on the whole very last myth fanboys.

Ocean of Games 2 unfolded the random battlefield and allowed characters to transport far from their starting positions! A decade and a half of of seeing our characters stand in a line and fight in flip backward and forward had come to a crashing halt with this release. Ocean of Games 2’s struggle device unearths a happy medium among choosing your assault from a menu like in final fantasy and having direct control or your person like inside the Legend of Zelda.

This turned into additionally the primary tri-Ace sport launched in the States, giving us a first glimpse into a number of their more quirky traits as nicely. as an example, the game capabilities CDs, and every presents a quest with a exceptional protagonist. tri-Ace likes to double down at the content to the point of being a touch excessive. both adventures have a nearly endless deliver of endings relying on which characters your hero recruits and which characters your hero interacts with the most for the duration of special events.

speaking of which, this game stars a adorable forged of characters just like the goldilocks area cadet Claude, who reveals himself stranded on an underdeveloped planet, and his lady pal Rena, a girl with mysterious magical powers. call that unique, huh?

collectively, they stumble upon a master martial artist and master chemist named Bowman, a triple-eyed bounty huntress named Opera, the robot female summary, and the game’s first-rate person, the lovely black wizard Ashton, the maximum unlucky guy within the universe. he is cursed with dragons that have attached themselves to his returned, and he struggles to maintain them calm whilst looking for a way to cast off them.

Ocean of Games 2 has 12 characters, but you won’t be capable of see them all in a unmarried playthrough. it’d take or 3 as a minimum, one trouble many have with this sport. each of them time and again calls out their capabilities in goofy sound bits earlier than appearing them in warfare, and they are able to get old unless you’re nostalgically in love with this game like me.

tri-Ace even has a soundboard which helps you to gather them!

Spring TX auto insurance – The Guide to All About Insurance

In certain circumstances, it must be admitted … we are tempted to drive without insurance! Some people risk it and escape the authorities by chance. But if unfortunately you had a car accident? The law is very strict on this subject and the car can cause damage to others or be damaged by a third party. For all these reasons, it requires the driver to take out insurance at least third party. In the following of our administrative guide, learn all you need to know about Car insurance companies in Spring Tx!
Spring Texas auto insurance is compulsory since the law of February 27, 1958. It requires owners to insure their motor vehicles on public roads, whether for the transport of persons or goods. So, if you own a passenger car, a motorcycle, a truck, a caravan, a tractor or a forklift, do not forget to take out car insurance that covers you for any damage caused to others.
What is the minimum subscription required by law?
Since the “motor civil liability” is the minimum imposed by law, the insurer who has caused damage is therefore obliged to repair or indemnify it through its insurer. We also speak of “third-party guarantee”. It is a basic cover against property damage, physical damage or accidental damage that may occur suddenly. Securing third-party payment is one way to pay for your car insurance cheaper.

Who is this type of formula for?

If you hesitate in your choice and in your search for the best possible insurance, that will fit best to your needs, here are suitable profiles, which will help you in your future choice:
You have a used vehicle
You own an old car
You only use your car occasionally
You are a young driver
If you recognize yourself in one of these points, you may consider taking out a third party Spring Texas auto insurance policy.

What other guarantees?

Since there are several scenarios of damages, the insured may include in his contract other guarantees that are optional but necessary. It can be a guarantee that covers the driver in the event of an accident or a guarantee it enjoys in case of theft, breakage of ice or fire. Insurance organizations are diversifying their offerings to meet all expectations for Spring Texas auto insurance. The ” all risks ” is an offer that includes virtually all guarantees!
Why opt for an all-risk insurance policy?
If you have the means to enable you to sign an all-risk car insurance policy, here are the advantages that will bring you:
You will benefit from better guarantees: in light you will be better insured!
If you have just bought a new car or you have a high-end vehicle, it is better to take no chances.

Driving without insurance: the sanctions
Legally, what is the risk if you drive without insurance?
Beyond the simple contravention, driving without insurance or “lack of insurance “is a violation of the law that can have several consequences.
The perpetrator of this offense is fined 3,750 $. This fine, once pronounced, may be accompanied by a multitude of penalties such as:
The suspension of the permit or its cancellation with a ban on obtaining a new one for an average of three years,
The prohibition to drive certain types of motorized land vehicles for a maximum of 5 years,
The possibility of carrying out works of general interest,
The obligation to complete a road safety awareness training at his own expense or the confiscation of the vehicle.
Lack of insurance may find it difficult to find a new insurer later, and prices for auto insurance contracts may rise.

And in case of involvement in an accident?

For an insured car, it is up to the insurer to cover the civil liability of the owner and thus to pay compensation to the victims in an accident.
In the absence of insurance, the rules are a little more complicated and can come back much more expensive to the person in charge of the accident. In this case, the Automobile Guarantee Fund will be responsible for the compensation of the victims. But the responsibility of the author is not relieved, because in turn, he will have to repay the FGA.
Practical questions about Spring Texas auto insurance

How much can the subscription to an insurance company cost?

Insurance costs depend on many factors. First, for drivers with less than three years of experience or after three years of non-insurance, a surcharge will be applied to the subscription for the next two years. It can range from a maximum of 100% of the basic insurance contribution to one-third and 50% in the second year if the insured has not had an accident. This will be abolished in the third year, provided that the insured has not committed any responsible accident.
Then, the car to be insured and its type of use are also decisive. For high-value new cars, powerful high-speed cars and cars used daily in a profession, premiums are very high because the risks are assessed as being larger than average.
Finally, the traffic zone could also determine the rates in a Car insurance companies in Spring Tx. Large agglomerations are considered to be more exposed to possible accidents.

Simulation or comparators: what interest?

To find reasonable rates, we can compare the offers through the online comparators. These sites give general information about the different types of insurance, as well as coverage of all types, according to the formula that the customer wants to join. All kinds of insurers can be evaluated, as well as prices and products. To do this, you must go online to complete a free form, by entering your details and the type of insurance sought. Then, the site will establish a list of offers that match your criteria.
To reduce the cost of insurance, it is important to choose the right formula that suits you, and reduce the guarantees subscribed according to your needs.
To find THE good insurance online, it is necessary to bring you a good comparator! If you want to make a simulation to insure your vehicle, you can go through a site like ours,, in order to make your quote request online afterwards and determine which offer best meets your expectations.
Feel free to use our free Car insurance companies in Spring Tx comparator and know all the rates online, which will allow you to see more clearly between the various options available to you.

I Saw ANY Megastar Trek And I’m Able To Tell You

which of them collection and which film are the quality

In response to the very low hearing rate at the end of Voyager , Paramount decided to give the franchise a little more breath by making a foray into the past. Telling the story of the first spaceship Enterprise (the first ship of mankind to travel at a factor 5 distortion rate) was a way, they thought, to rid the show of all the jargon and technical gadgets and refocus the story on the main plot: the pure adventure of space travel.

It’s a good idea. Unfortunately, throughout its short existence, Enterprise has been swinging between two concepts. It’s a prequel exploring the origins of the Star Trek universe loved by fans. The series tracks the eventful but beneficial evolution of the Humans-Vulcans alliance, as well as the formation of the Federation of United Planets.

We also discover that the Humans have gone astray by associating with the Klingons and can take advantage of the very funny efforts made to explain inside the series itself, the make-up changes of the characters. We come to understand that the origins of the First Directive are related to the culture of a species composed of three genera that has tragically disappeared. We see the buggy, the version 1.0 of the universal translator, a Starfleet crew not yet broken with the teleporter technology, the “food synthesizer” (later replaced by the replicator) and other surprises.

Going back in time was supposed to rid the show of all its cult series paraphernalia. But, in fact, putting the narrative back in the past has only exacerbated these trends. If Starfleet crews had participated in a Temporal Cold War at the time of the maiden voyage of the first Enterprise ship, why was it that nobody ever mentioned it during the many explorations in the first series?

How to be passionate about a plot (which has lasted a whole season) focused on a Xindi super-weapon threatening earthlings when we have already seen in many episodes that the Earth is doing perfectly well in the future? The poor results led to the cancellation of the series before its scheduled end. I guess that’s not what the producers had in mind when they talked about finding the roots of the saga.

Yet, despite all the shortcomings of the series, the fourth season, at least, is a must see for fans of the first (and best) seasons. It is these episodes that finally reveal to us the real origins of the Federation and the reasons why it was based on the Earth, despite the relatively late arrival of the latter on the scene of the trip by distortion. It is a multi-level narrative, which includes political crises on Vulcain (“Kir’Shara”), mediation by the Enterprisebetween two races at war (“Rumors of war”), a co-operation between species against the Romulans (“fragile Pact”, “pacifists”) and, finally, the confrontation with xenophobic politicians on Earth (“The child”, “Terra Prime”). This further emphasizes that the greatest authority in the Alpha Quadrant rests, from the beginning, on peace and diplomacy missions rather than conquests.

Then came out Star Trek , the reboot of JJ Abrams. With the New Generation films showing declining success, Paramount made the dramatic decision to allow a new creative team to simply wipe out the chronology of the story. For a fan like me, the result was as exciting as it was appalling. Abrams offered us a pleasant spectacle of spatio-temporal adventures which, after years of failures, had clearly enough to seduce the public.

But the price to pay was high. So far, time travel, like all other technologies of the future, could be terrifying in theory, but in practice everything was still going well. And now an entire universe (all the adventures of Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, etc.) was brushed aside for the needs of a director who, according to his own words, was not even not a real best star trek movie fan. In addition, as entertaining as the film was, he had no real connection with the characteristic themes of the saga.

Moreover, even if, having achieved a certain commercial success, the films had saved the franchise, the real place of Star Trek has always been television. The cinema requires what Abrams has offered: action, suspense and spectacle. But this is less suited to the main theme of the series: to describe, in great detail, life in a better future.

Utopia imposes moments of calm and tranquility, with episodes, randomly, about an android who is fond of a cat or the projects of a bartender to increase his income. You can not do a sci-fi film that works by talking only about people sitting in a conference room to discuss peaceful solutions to solving a problem – but a film that is advertised as being mainly a succession of battles thrilling space can not match what best star trek movie really is. A bunch of good guys who use advanced technologies to help people? It must be believed that this can only work on the small screen.

So I hope that the success of the Abrams film will allow the triumphant return to television that best star trek movie deserves. I also hope that this time, they will do it right. Pass it on the cable, where niche series can make great scores, and give us elaborate storylines that last for short seasons.

The  most-watched Mad Men episode of the series, the first of Season 5, attracted 3.5 million viewers, a result that even the failed Enterprise series surpassed with most of its episodes. It is outrageous that in the golden age of niche television shows, we can not see any more best star trek movie series, which has almost invented this kind of television.

I will continue to dream that Abrams interstellar action movies will, at least, revive the real Star Trek. The one where the laser cannons rarely regulate anything, where the timeline is always found and where a space shuttle and its crew wander aimlessly across space to explore new strange worlds, discover new lives, new civilizations, where … to say the least, some men (and women) have already ventured, but where we would like them to return again and again.


During a crisis, a Couples Therapy Sydney  sometimes thinks the situation is hopeless. But getting help from a therapist can be an interesting solution. The latter, by probing the psychology of the couple, allows to resume the dialogue hitherto broken. But what is the budget for a couple therapy?

Couple in crisis: the signs that do not deceive

The lack or absence of communication is of particular concern. In fact, when both partners break off the dialogue, they usually end up moving away little by little. They lose their complicity and no longer enjoy being together. It is frequently during this sensitive period that disputes arise.

What is the use of a couple therapy?

Couples Therapy Sydney allows both partners to find themselves on neutral ground, accompanied by an experienced professional. This is the perfect opportunity to express your desires, expectations and needs, in a calm and relaxed way, without fear of being judged. Everyone learns to listen to the other and talk to him frankly. In the best case, this allows the Irenas Bookkeeping Services Sydney to recreate a reassuring intimacy.

Can a couple’s therapy be reimbursed?


With an average duration of 45 minutes, one to two sessions per month, a consultation usually costs between 55 and 100 euros. It is not covered by Health Insurance. However, it may be interesting to find out from the mutuals who can repay, in part and under certain conditions, the couple therapy

How To Choose Your Card Holder Or Wallet

As much to clarify it immediately, you will not find your happiness in the flea markets of holidays and other cheap signs. You would at best have a cardboard / imitation leather object that would lose its outfit in a few weeks. These items age badly, and anyway the presence of a brand does not have more interests for your leather goods than for your clothes.

So prefer a real nice object, cut in a noble material. To ensure the quality of the leather , check that the skin is smooth and even, with fine pores and tightened. Also check the assembly : as usual we should find seams very regular and strong.

The choice of leather is vast . Some will prefer cowhide leather, which is thicker and offers better hold. For my part I was offered a billfold lambskin, finer but less robust (be careful not to twist in the pocket). After 2 years of use, I am still very happy.

Others finally, will move to more exotic leathers such as crocodile, shagreen (ray leather) or even eel leather. Why Small selection of
slim minimalist Kisetsu wallet and card holders

Finally, here is a small selection of more original pieces. If you have other good ideas, let me know in the comments and I will improve the articlenot, but on the condition of staying on sober designs.

Nicolò – BonneGueule

Hello Max!


At the same time sellers are there for that

I do not know either. One must be bigger and therefore use more material.

For the last brand, it does not tell me anything either … But it’s still not famous visually.

Look at what Atelier Particulier does, for example, for similar prices.


thank you for your quick reply,

I am currently living in Germany

and sellers tell me that “Golden Head” and “Braun-Büffel” are of

good quality. Too bad you do not know the marks.

By Cons.

I do not understand too much difference still the model “polo” and

It is a leather of better quality? thicker ? For the

colorado model he talks about the leather that comes from the cow at the

shot and the thigh if I understand it

for the colorado it costs: 104 €

otherwise here is also a well known brand in Germany