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Filmography of Kevin HART

Kevin Hart is an American comedian and actor. The big man is small in stature. The winner in many Comedy competitions throughout New England. No wonder it is considered that the filmography of Kevin HART – just a unique collection of good humor and Comedy for every taste.

  • Early years
  • The first steps in his career
  • Further career development
  • Interesting facts
  • List of movies with Kevin HART

Early years

The birthday of Kevin HART (eng. Kevin Hart) – 6 Jul 1979 (born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). From its earliest years, the boy’s life was not spoiled. In his biography there is a dark spot was brought up by his mother, because the father of the child, being a drug addict, spent most of his childhood son in prison. To cope with the problems Kevin was helped by the humor, and the future actor did not know that, thanks to the jokes he’ll have an impressive filmography.

Despite the bad example in the person of the father, the future actor with great films studied well at school and had comments from teachers. After school, HART wentd to College, but two years later he had to leave school due to financial problems of his family. Our hero took whatever work there was, including the Shoe salesman, in parallel, by taking part in the auditions in Comedy.

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The first steps in his career

His first show, as a participant in the Comedy show, Kevin spent in the night club, The Laff House, Philadelphia. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. The comedian was booed. Not giving up and not paying attention to the setbacks, he continued to speak. It took a while until HART has developed his own unique style, through which he noticed in 2000. Filmography of actor began with a small role in the TV series.

During one of the performances of Kevin, he drew the attention of the producer of the film “Undecided” (2001-2002). Receiving the first role to his filmography, the actor has made every effort at the time of the shooting, and for good reason. The comic potential was noticed by many producers. A list of films with the actor in his filmography began to grow.

Further career development

Since 2002, proposals were received annually. Given the specifics of the profession our hero, it was mostly a Comedy. In 2002 he played in “Paper soldiers”, and the following year filmography filled up by a more famous picture “scary movie 3” (2003).

The comedian has not missed regularly he had a new shooting for his filmography. And this is considering that it does not throw a stand-up show. Movies with Kevin HART beginning to be popular.

It should be noted these pictures of the filmography of the actor, as:

  • Soul Plane 2004;
  • “The forty-year-old virgin” 2005;
  • “Scary Movie 4” in 2006.

Rapidly burst into the “Olympus” of Hollywood, Kevin has not forgotten about his childhood dream to become a great comedian. Torn almost in half between the two professions, HART manages to implement multiple solo Comedy show: “I’m a grown little man” (2009), “Seriously funny” (2010), “Laugh at my pain” (2011).

And all this despite the fact that in the period 2009-2011 in addition to his performances, he starred in 5 films. Filmography by the time 21 has the picture! Collaborating with other well-known actors only strengthens the position of our hero in the rankings. For example, during the shooting of the film “Meet the Fockers 2” (2010), HART was lucky to work with Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller.

At the moment, filmography Kevin HART updated with new movies every year. For 2016, the actor boasts three projects, including in common with Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson called “half a spy” (2016). Idle is a comedian not sitting, and doing what always wanted – gives people a good mood and laughing.

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Interesting Facts

In his first speeches, Kevin tried to emulate around Chris Tucker.

According to the magazine “Times” for 2015 is one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

During one of the first stand-up show, HART threw food.

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