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How To Choose Your Card Holder Or Wallet

As much to clarify it immediately, you will not find your happiness in the flea markets of holidays and other cheap signs. You would at best have a cardboard / imitation leather object that would lose its outfit in a few weeks. These items age badly, and anyway the presence of a brand does not have more interests for your leather goods than for your clothes.
So prefer a real nice object, cut in a noble material. To ensure the quality of the leather , check that the skin is smooth and even, with fine pores and tightened. Also check the assembly : as usual we should find seams very regular and strong.
The choice of leather is vast . Some will prefer cowhide leather, which is thicker and offers better hold. For my part I was offered a billfold lambskin, finer but less robust (be careful not to twist in the pocket). After 2 years of use, I am still very happy.
Others finally, will move to more exotic leathers such as crocodile, shagreen (ray leather) or even eel leather. Why Small selection of
slim minimalist Kisetsu wallet and card holders
Finally, here is a small selection of more original pieces. If you have other good ideas, let me know in the comments and I will improve the articlenot, but on the condition of staying on sober designs.
Nicolò – BonneGueule
Hello Max!

At the same time sellers are there for that

I do not know either. One must be bigger and therefore use more material.
For the last brand, it does not tell me anything either … But it’s still not famous visually.
Look at what Atelier Particulier does, for example, for similar prices.
thank you for your quick reply,
I am currently living in Germany
and sellers tell me that “Golden Head” and “Braun-Büffel” are of
good quality. Too bad you do not know the marks.
By Cons.
I do not understand too much difference still the model “polo” and
It is a leather of better quality? thicker ? For the
colorado model he talks about the leather that comes from the cow at the
shot and the thigh if I understand it
for the colorado it costs: 104 €
otherwise here is also a well known brand in Germany

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