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How To Rent A Car If You Urgently Need Wheels

I want to steer, but there is no car? There are several options for renting a car.
There are a lot of people willing to give a ride for a lot of money: know choose! There are a lot of people willing to give a ride for a lot of money: know choose!
It so happens that the car is stuck in the repair for a long time. Or you haven’t bought a new one yet, and you managed to quickly sell the old one. In short, urgently need wheels. Where to go to Car Rental Dubai?

Rolling Office

People who went on vacation abroad have long appreciated: he took the car – and the owner himself. We also work as famous Car Rental Dubai Hertz, Avis, Six, and local. You can take a car for rent or even a couple of months. More term – less tariff. On average, from about one thousand rubles for a budget “Renault” or “Daewoo”, 1.5 – 2 thousand – for ” Hyundai ” or “Ford”, well, “Mercedes” or even ” You can hire vans, minibuses, trucks, thermo-boxes.
Pros: you choose a car model yourself, wherever you want to go.
Cons: for the car will have to go to the office of the rental office, in the same place and return, gasoline – at your expense.

Per-minute Car Rental Dubai

The word “car sharing” has already entered not only in everyday life, but also in fashion. And not only in the capital, he is in St. Petersburg and Sochi. This is a per-minute car rental, it deals with Deli Mobil, You Drive, Anytime and others. This option is much more convenient, because you will settle all the formalities once – when registering with the service and do it yourself on the Internet. Then learn the rules – how to refill a car if necessary, how to report a malfunction when receiving a car, how long you can get there and where you can leave the car.
After that, everything is simple: using the mobile application, find the car closest to you, book it, open it, inspect it and start using it without any contact with people, all via mobile. And leave the car after the trip where you are comfortable. That is, pay only for the time you use this car, gasoline is included in the price. In this case, during the movement – more, during the waiting time – less, charging – per minute. Now they offer prestigious cars, they allow you to choose a trip with insurance, only these options will be more expensive than the standard 8 rubles per minute.

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