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In 2019, the purity test begins to feel the warmed

The test of purity, a pillar of the Internet, is regularly exhumed and goes back to circulation. Over the years, Mymy begins to find it dusty…

Do not leave, we are well in 2019, and I speak well of the test of purity. Yes Yes. This thing that exists on the Internet since THE NUIIIIT TEEEEEEMPS.

What is the purity test?

The Rice purity test is a MUST for the Web of the 2000s, especially for teens.

It is on Griffor that the most famous version was born, and the site indicates that the test was carried out more than 10 million times!

He asks lots of questions about sexual practices, alcohol, and drug use, kindness and meanness, relationship to religion…

And in the end, it gives you your purity score. Or rather an impurity, because everyone has already done at least one of the “bad things” of the test.

The purity test is back

It was on Twitter that I saw the Purity Test come back in force.

It has indeed circulated again, via another site that has clearly pumped everything on Griffor: the questions are the same, the principle is identical.

You can have fun doing it if you want, but personally, it left me a little pensive, and not because I had “unhealthy” result…

The Rice purity test is badly dated

What did not shock me when I was 15 and I felt punk drinking Despe, it really makes me think now.

In fact, the purity test mixes a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with:

  • Things nice of (“Have you ever laughed at someone’s misfortune? “)
  • Sexual but innocent things (“Are you already masturbated?” Until orgasm? )
  • Worrying things about health (“Have you ever vomited bile or blood because of alcohol? “)
  • Not really legal things eh (“Have you ever sold drugs? “)
  • Not at all LEGAL HEIN (” Have you ever dumped or drugged someone to sexually abuse and succeed?  “)

Excuse me, but in what world can we put ourselves on the same plane, jerk off, sell coke and rape someone who cannot consent?

Oh yes because there is no scale, eh: having participated in oral sex or cunnilingus is -2 points. As much as: drunk a person to sexually abuse her.


Does the purity test still make sense?

Maybe you’re going to say that I’m taking cabbage for nothing, that this test has never been taken seriously and that it’s just a bit provocative for teenagers.

You would not be wrong. But it does not prevent.

The world has changed since Griffor launched its purity test in 2000, and in the post-# MeToo era where we all live…

Well, it makes me weird to see that we can ask “for laughter” if people have already raped someone, and give them a score based on their response.

In addition, this test is still super guilt at the level of sexuality in general, even that one has with oneself.

Why would it be as “dirty” to enjoy as throwing up because you drank too much or made fun of someone with a disability? It has nothing to do!

And then in the context that surrounds female sexuality, still badly taboo especially in adolescence, learn that masturbating is “impure”, it really makes sense…

Is not it time to do a purity test a little more up to date? A little more modern? Who does not consider any orgasm as impure? Who does not dramatize the violation of consent?

I ask: what would you put in a Rice purity test in 2019? Does the concept itself still make sense? Tell me everything in the comments!

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