Increase Your Brain Capacity With Elementium New Game For PC

Description: Do you want to know how to play and Increase your brain capacity with Elementium new game for PC? This post will certainly help you find all the latest information and answers to your queries.

Elementium complete Pc review:

There are many players who usually love the idea of putting their skill tests on the line just ensure they can take the challenge big time. As they can solve any puzzle game so why not go for more. Exactly you will find a brand new mind puzzle game which is totally based on physics and illusions. Sounds very different, isn’t it guys. You have to start with the ordinary objects and slowly make progress all the way to the cube planet where unlimited puzzles are waiting for you.
If you have been playing other puzzle games then you will see that this one works on a different theory with unique mechanics and to manipulate each object to the centre piece. I can bet you haven’t played a game like this before. It is so much fun and brilliant that even a kid can pull off so much new ways to solve puzzles which is by the way quite interesting enough to stick to it.
Players who are willing to increase their brain and want to become more creative then this game will going to explore your mind deeply and you will never get bored from it no matter how many hours you spent on it.

How the concept of Elementium is different from other puzzle games?

It is one of those Ocean of games that brings whole new concept in mind puzzle games with physics laws and controlling a cube is everything you got and you need to put in the right center piece to evolve it so you go to next platform and have fun cutting them into small pieces and raise again.

What about Elementium basic controls in the game?

Surely there are not many other puzzles available on pc to enjoy. Where this fits right in every way telling a great narrative and controls are responsive and easy to learn. All players need to do is set each cube slowly in the place to unlock new one and there you have it. Begin doing it and soon you will see how creative your have become on this one.

Elementium game features available on PC:

Here is the list of those main features players will encounter time after time and must become familiar with them in order to work together to solve puzzles.
1) Get more than 50 puzzles
2) Perfect sandbox game
3) Manage puzzles cubes of fire, gravity, ice, and many more
4) Lovely visuals and amazing weather system

Elementium minimum system requirements for PC:

The system requirements you are about to see are recommended to play on your PC and laptops including,
Works with windows vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 bit)
Hard Disk: 4 GB
File Size: 1.5 GB
CPU: Intel Core i3

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