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ODR: offers of the moment and 5 tips to enjoy it

An offer of refund allows obtaining a discount sometimes substantial when buying an article. What are the precautions to take to turn them into real bargains?

The Christmas season is propitious to the appearance of the offers of manufacturers and resellers on what is familiarly called “ODR” among the attentive buyers, that is to say, the Offers of Refunds. However, they are found throughout the year, they serve to motivate the hesitant buyer to help him take the step in favor of the product put forward.

But let’s be honest, if some brands or sellers offer you a refund after purchase, it’s probably that some buyers will not bother to follow through. Here are some tips to enjoy it with confidence and avoid the pitfalls of ODR.

The offers of the moment

The holiday season is particularly provided in offers of refund. Most major brands do operations to take advantage of this period when buyers are looking for the best deal for the gifts they will put at the foot of the tree.

You will find in this article all the tips to take advantage of these Offers in Sri Lanka in the best way. But before that, here is a selection of some brands that currently offer to pay you sometimes good money by buying their products.

1. Think carefully before buying

There is no question of jumping on the first offer of repayment come because if all the ODR deserve to be carried out, all products concerned are not. The manufacturer or seller at the origin of the offer may simply want to boost sales, but may also wish to sell a product for a specific reason such as the arrival of a new collection or line of products for example.

Does the product really suit you? Check out its features and any product developments on news sites. Compare also its characteristics to those of competing for products at equivalent prices, with or without discount. You could perhaps find a functional product and much cheaper used or reconditioned if it is at the end of life. Finally, beware of the proximity of sales, especially on small refund offers, the sale price could be even more interesting and prefer a price already discounted at a higher price with the offer.

2. Consult the conditions carefully

If you are sure you want the product involved in the transaction, now you are interested in the repayment terms. Read the small lines to know the repayment method. Will it be made in real money or in coupons and other vouchers? If you’re a bit budget-wise, be as attentive to the advertised repayment deadlines.

Are you still on time to benefit? Will the store provide you with the necessary money to get the refund? And above all, is the product covered really eligible for reimbursement? Indeed an offer of reimbursement of a particular manufacturer announced at a stroke of “x you refund 50 euros for a printer purchase” does not necessarily mean that all models are concerned. On the other hand, offers are always limited in time and sometimes related to conditions of places or purchase price.

 3. Gather the elements from the act of purchase

It is decided, you have cracked and the conditions of the offer satisfy you and you seem accessible. Do not put off the hard work of collecting all the elements necessary for repayment. Ask directly in store a duplicate invoice or receipt if it is required and recover the entry form if it is available in stores.

Here again, it will be necessary to be attentive to the small lines. If the barcode is required, check its presence on the product packaging. If it is a gift consider taking it before packing and if you intend to resell the product with its packaging one day do it preferably in the right way, without damaging the overall appearance. The barcode and all required elements must be in good condition and perfectly legible to access the refund, a precision often indicated in the conditions of the offer.

4. Send on time and the right way

No need to wait before sending the refund request. On the one hand, an oversight has quickly arrived, on the other hand, if your file requires supplements, you could exceed the deadline for filing the file or the deadline for claim sometimes indicated in the general conditions. Take care of these formalities first after your purchase, the sooner the better.

Before sending, photocopy, photograph or scan all items, including the application form, and put them in a safe place. Attach a handwritten letter indicating all the items you have attached to the shipment and scrupulously follow the instructions: circle, highlight prices, and references when requested. Finally, send your request for reimbursement having taken care to choose a shipping method with proof of deposit that you will keep carefully. The price of a recommended or a letter is certainly higher than for a normal shipment but a non-refund will cost you much more.

 5. Monitor the refund

It only remains to wait for the refund. Again, the Offeror announced in the terms and conditions how the refund and the delay would be. So you know if you need to monitor your mailbox for a refund by check or your bank account in case of transfer.

In any case, put an alert in your favorite agenda application or make a cross on the fridge calendar to remember to check that the refund has been made. If you do not notice any corresponding payment, take back the papers that you had taken care to duplicate in order to contact the organization in charge of the operation which must appear in the general conditions.

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