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Paint by numbers – tips, methods and tricks of coloring

“Anyone can become an artist!” – Today this motto is as relevant as ever. Yes, do not be surprised, nowadays anyone can feel inventive Leonardo da Vinci or expressive Van Gogh. After all, this is before in order to write your canvas, you had to study at an art school for years, or at least complete expensive drawing courses. And everyone, regardless of gender and age, can create his own still life, portrait or landscape in just 3-5 days, just like a real master exhibited in famous galleries. What is the reason for this phenomenon? In the paintings of the numbers, which in the XXI century are gaining increasing popularity. After all, they allow you to unleash the creative potential of all those who crave it, even if they do not have enough experience or free time.

We draw on the principle of “all inclusive”

What is especially nice is that everything for home painting already includes everything you need: numbered jars of paint, one or more brushes, instructions, a checklist for checking hues, divided into sectors and marked with cardboard or canvas with a frame, paintwork mixture and wall mounts for the finished picture. You can immediately start creating! But first you should choose the desired basis of the picture and get to know life hacking by painting.

Cardboard vs canvas

Experienced draftsmen by numbers believe that it is worth starting with cardboard. After all, this material is very cheap, but it is able to absorb the excess paint applied to it, which is important for beginning artists. That’s just the cardboard does not give the paintings of the texture and “authenticity”, which gives the canvas: slightly rough to the touch, already primed and stretched on a real stretcher. The canvas, in turn, is produced with a monochrome numbered outline or color. The latter type of canvas is suitable even for elderly and visually impaired people, as well as children, because Coloring becomes intuitive. It is better to start with small formats and understandable subjects: animals, fish, birds, landscapes, nature, or flowers. But to draw people, angels, icons or complex architectural structures should go after the development of the basic Paint by number techniques


By the rules or without?

Of course, contemporary art no longer has clear instructions “can” and “cannot”, and the rules of modern art exist solely to break them. But for this they need to know at least a little, and therefore, before proceeding to unpacking the cherished box with canvas and colors, you should study the Internet encyclopedia to learn or refresh the concepts of light and shadow, line and shading, perspective and plane, front and the background, color separation and contrast … And if you are still new and do not have the experience of creating paintings by numbers, it is better to follow the instructions in each set exactly. And when you master the basic techniques of this kind of painting, you can already turn out the baggage of your receptions and chips. Moreover, the main techniques that greatly facilitate the drawing, not so much. Creative approach to picking from Artventura

“The Magnificent Four” methods of painting pictures by numbers

There are 4 principles for painting over a canvas. You can easily remember them, because they are unusually logical and functional, and so any person who draws them will be informed by common sense and convenience.

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