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These are all kisses of true love in chronological order from 1938 to 2013

Perhaps, there is not a single person who would not watch at least once a cartoon performed by the most famous animation studio Walt Disney. And the most favorite characters (according to statistical indicators) are charming princesses – charming, unique and incredibly beautiful. But few people know that there is a hidden meaning in their names, that the youngest princess is only 14 years old, and that one of them managed to change 22 outfits for the film.

Nothing warms the soul like favorite DISNEY kiss cartoons, which for many years give the kindest and lightest emotions to both young and adult viewers. We still with bated breath look at the tender, reverent and such sincere relations between the protagonists. The atmosphere of love and kindness reigns in each cartoon. In our today’s compilation, we decided to collect the most romantic moments from all our favorite Disney films, which will allow you to plunge into carefree childhood for at least an instant.

Snow White

– In 1988, Snow White was honored with its own star on the “Walk of Fame”;

 The film about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first feature film in history, and it was he who initiated the genre;

“She was the first princess to communicate with animals that understand people;

– In order to achieve a natural color of the skin, real powder and other makeup products were applied directly to the film on which the kiss cartoon was drawn;

“Snow White is probably the youngest of all princesses.” She is only 14 years old!


– Her birthday is June 30, and according to the horoscope she is cancer;

– Cinderella – one of the four princesses, who became a princess in marriage (as Belle, Mulan and Tiana);

– The second in turn princess is a recognized “leader” of Disney princesses, she is the most popular of them and almost always put her in the center of the photos;

– The name of  this beauty (“Cinderella”) comes from the French word “Cendrillon”, which translates as “mama” or “girl soiled in the ashes.”


– The nickname of Aurora – Wild Rose – taken from the title of the Grimm Brothers tale of the golden-haired beauty;

– Throughout the film, the color of the princess dress is constantly changing from pink to blue and back. This is the result of endless disputes animators who could not decide which color suits the princess more;

– In Latin, the name ‘Aurora’ means “sunshine” or “dawn”.

– Aurora is the only blonde among princesses (Rapunzel and Elsa do not count – their hair is blond due to magic and magical powers, and Elsa is generally a queen, not a princess);

– Her eyes are purple (later animators gave Meg the same eyes from Hercules, but she is not a princess).

– The only princess born not by man;


– Second in “seniority” princess – she is 16 years old;

– The only princess who gave birth to a baby girl whose name was Melody.

– Ariel was the first and for a long time the only princess who was not the only child in the family (later there was a “brave” Merida, with three brothers);

 – The first princess who fought with the villain, and not the villain (the second was Rapunzel).

Eric is a prince and ariel’s husband who is 2 years older than Ariel (Ariel 16). He is 18 years old. It has black hair and blue eyes. In everyday life, he is dressed in a white shirt, blue pants, black boots and a red belt (like a simple sailor). At official events he is wearing a white jacket, blue pants and black boots. When he stood with “Vanessa” he was wearing a blue jacket, blue pants and black boots.

The prince almost kisses the little mermaid, but Flotsam and Jets overturn the boat. Ursula, seeing that her conspiracy is in jeopardy, turns into a beautiful girl Vanessa with Ariel’s voice and hypnotizes Erica.

. Under the spell, the prince makes her an offer, and it becomes a heavy blow to Ariel. At the sunset of the third day the wedding ship sails into the sea, while Ariel remains on the shore. Flying over the ship, Scuttle hears Ariel’s voice and discovers that the prince’s newly-minted bride is actually Ursula, but in a different guise.


– Was the first princess who saved her prince from the evil spell, and not vice versa?

– A strand of hair, constantly knocked out of the hair Belle, made it clear that she was not perfect;

– The era of heroic, courageous and independent princesses began with Belle;

– From French, her name is translated as “beauty”;

– Belle is the only princess with brown eyes (princesses Mulan and Pocahontas have black eyes, and Jasmine has dark brown and animators say this is a fundamental difference).

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