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Trixie Connor Backpack for Cats and Dogs up to 8kg.

Going with your favorite on the road? Then you can’t do without a good carrying bag. But what to do if during short and long journeys you, besides carrying with a cat or dog, need to carry one or two more bags? Take a closer look at this model. Most likely, the Nylon Trixie “Connor” Backpack Bag for Cats and Dogs up to 8kg is exactly what you need. A nice backpack, comfortably settled behind your shoulders, will allow you to free your hands. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials (high-grade nylon and durable mesh), this model can be called “eternal”. The carry will serve as a “transport” for your pet for many years. Wear-resistant nylon is perfectly washed off even in cool water, and if the pollution is not too strong, then the backpack will simply wipe with a rag or sponge. The bag fits comfortably on the shoulders, resulting in a backpack. However, if you wish, you can carry a bag in your hand or on your shoulder. Bag-backpack “Connor” can be opened both in front and on the sides, which is an additional advantage. Also on the front, there is an additional pocket, which is very convenient for various small things – whether it be your mobile phone, a bag of goodies for the “tail” or its toys. The bag has a short leash, which controls the animal on the trip and does not allow him to jump. Valves located on the back of the backpack are used to fasten the seat belt. A large mesh insert will provide enough air and good circulation. Would you like to buy a Connor Backpack Bag? Then use our online pet shop “Zooshef”, where you will find many interesting and useful things for a comfortable and full life of your pet. By the way, in Moscow and the Moscow suburbs, there is a delivery service. You can buy Trixie Backpack “Connor” for Cats and Dogs up to 8kg at a price of 2088 rubles, in the online store! Composition, photo, reviews about Trixie Backpack “Connor” for Cats and Dogs up to 8kg, delivery of goods in Moscow and all Russia, we take orders without


The size – 44 * 30 * 21 cm

Colour – Gray / blue

Material – Nylon mesh

Manufacturer – Germany

Why does a cat carry?

If you travel frequently with a cat, or if there is a need for safe transportation, you can buy a cat carrier. Reviews about carriers for cats indicate that this is an indispensable thing in every home. If you don’t like ordinary carriers, in our store you can buy a cat backpack, a porthole bag for a cat, or a foldable my cat backpack with delivery to save more space in your home and valuable time. All products presented in our store are safe and useful for animals. For any questions, you can contact our operators by the specified phone numbers.

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