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Here’s what you need to know before proceeding with the laying of your window tinting in Magnolia TX, thermal insulation film , security film , obscuring or clouding movies , sandblasted film, mirror film, we help you to choose the right film and the put on your windows, windows, windows and windows.

First of all, it is important to understand the problem to be solved.

Take the example of a window tinting in Magnolia TX. Before choosing a reference, you must first identify the glazing in place.
Depending on the type of glass (single, double, tinted or clear insulation, “stadip” or laminated, containing gas “Argon” or not, etc.) and its thickness, the film of sun protection, security, occult ant or thermal must be applied inside or outside to obtain the best result, without risk of “Thermal Break”.
It is also important to take into consideration the exposure of the glazing to be protected against heat. A solar protection film absorbs a variable portion of solar energy. It is therefore imperative to know precisely the glass support in place: It is he who will determine in priority the choice of solar protection film to put in place. Because be careful, a window tinting in Magnolia TX applied on the inside of a glazing can cause a “thermal break”.
It is therefore strongly recommended to study the technical data of the glass in place. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to call us or a professional mirrors.
Finally, if you want to ensure the application of your film yourself, we will provide it with a clear and detailed installation instructions. We also provide, if necessary, telephone technical assistance.

Here are some recommendations:

To put a window tinting in Magnolia TX, thermal insulation film, security film or decorative blackout film, use the following small equipment:

  • 1 sprayer containing water with a few drops of foaming agent
  • 1 scraper razor blades
  • 1 rubber squeegee
  • 1 cutter
  • 1 roll of paper towels


  • Glass cleaning and application should be done with the utmost care to achieve optimum results.
  • If laying is performed on the outside of the glazing, wait 24 hours before applying a bead of silicone around the entire periphery of the film, in order to complete the seal.
  • If some visual defects remain after installation, they will disappear after a few weeks.
  • Do not clean the film during the drying period: about 4 to 5 weeks and depending on the quality of the adhesive and the degree of sunshine or warming of the premises.
  • After the drying period, the film can be washed. Prefer the window squeegee and the soft cloth. Abrasive or bleached products are prohibited. Avoid the steam cleaner.

A revival of intimacy and security

The other big advantage of the solar film is to allow without heavy work, to be able to preserve its intimacy in the car, the house, the office, a trade. The film is indeed interposed between the outside and inside a bulwark against prying eyes. Available in a tinted, frosted or mirror version, the solar film insulates from the outside.
In the car, the children can quietly put themselves at ease in the backseat without fear of being seen. On a building glazing, the solar film offers a real solution to break the vis-à-vis the street or a neighboring neighbor. In frosted version, the solar film is particularly used more and more to preserve the intimacy of a veranda or a window overlooking a busy street.
As part of a beauty institute, a medical analysis laboratory, a doctor’s office, the film mirror effect also allows to use all rooms for consultation, even those directly on the street. Always cut to measure, the solar film adapts to all needs.
Last argument that we know less but which is a real advantage: the solar film naturally protects offenses. Directly placed on the glazing, it holds the glass chips in place and allows to oppose a certain resistance in case of blows and shocks. In the car, windows equipped with solar films are more resistant to degradation. In the event of an accident, the shards of glass do not spread in the passenger compartment, which could injure the occupants.

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